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Welcome to Biofind, the home of biotechnology discussion online. We provide a variety of online services for our users, most famously our "Rumor Mill" which regularly receives up to 80 posts daily, and tracks the latest news and gossip from around the biotech industry. Alongside the Rumor Mill are our events page, are the biotech news pages and a jobs page, all giving you up-to-date information on the Biotechnology Sector. Be sure to visit our blog too, which features the latest news and developments from the owners of the website. Our community is constantly evolving, with new features and services always in the pipeline.

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02/10/2013 - 14:14

As many of you will be aware, a few months ago Biofind was hit by a sustained and sophisticated spam campaign which took our community offline for several weeks. We've spent a lot of time upgrading our systems to be able to cope with this and introduced several new security features such as reCaptcha. We are pleased to announce that Biofind is now back up and running and stable again.

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