Biofind in 2009

A happy new year to all of our community members. Thank you for your continued support throughout 2008 whilst we moved the site to a new platform.

As we enter 2009 there are a lot of plans on the radar for Biofind:

Moderation & Content Quality
Following the few weeks of enforced account sign ups to post, along with a more intelligent spam filtering technology, we've managed to significantly increase the quality of postings in the rumor mill, whilst avoiding manual moderation of every post. The quality and integrity of posts will continue to be maintained throughout 2009 with your support. Please do not hesitate to "flag" content which you believe is inappropriate or offensive.

We have significantly reduced the impact of "trolls" in the rumor mill and will continue to pursue a zero tolerance policy towards those who post offensive, defamatory or offensive content.

Improved Jobs Channel
We're working with out jobs channel partner to improve our jobs portal and provide focussed, targeted jobs for our community members. We also want to better integrate the jobs channel with the rumor mill and other areas. More to come in a blog post soon...

Relaunch Events
Now the rumor mill is in order, we're looking at our events offering. We'll be adding images, discussion and comments to our events pages and also opening them up to better exposure across the site. Stay tuned!

Thank you once again for your continued support, we look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments here. Please keep site related discussion out of the rumor mill.

Biofind Staff