Posting an Event

Adding an Event to Biofind

Biofind can help promote your event to over 4000 biotech professionals a day. Posting a premium event with us will feature your event across our site in the "Upcoming Events" section to the left of this text aswell as on the front page. You can also integrate your event with a Flickr account to share photos and images with your attendees.

Biofind offer two types of events:

  • Premium Events

    Premium Events are paid for listings. They include front page exposure, as well as being featured in the upcoming events block, visible on every page of the site. Your event will be viewed over 400,000 times a month. They can also feature commenting and rating options at your discretion. For more details about how to promote your event with us click here.

  • Standard Event

    Standard events are free of charge. They are visible in the Events page table and calendar view.

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