12th Annual World Pharma Congress

Dates: June 4-6, 2013
Venue: Loews Philadelphia Hotel
City: Philadelphia, PA 19107
Website: http://www.WorldPharmaCongress.com

After a dozen years covering various topics for the pharmaceutical industry, the World Pharma Congress has found its niche in effectively covering the latest preclinical strategies and technologies for driving better predictions. Building on its experience covering drug targets, high-throughput screening, lead optimization, ADME and drug safety, the event is now primed to move further downstream into early formulations and drug delivery.

2013 Conference Programs:

- 2nd Annual Predictive Preclinical Models in Oncology: Challenging Cancer Heterogeneity with Reproducible and Predictive Preclinical Studies

- 6th Annual Targeting Pain with Novel Therapeutics: Translating Success from Preclinical Assays to the Clinic

- Inaugural Accelerating Development of Difficult-to-Deliver Drugs: Driving Innovation Through Effective Tools and Novel Drug Delivery Strategies

- 6th Annual Integrated Drug Safety Risk Assessments: Predicting Drug-Induced Organ Toxicities Using Functional Assays, Models and Marker

- 4th Annual Molecular Imaging in Drug Discovery and Development: Integrating Molecular Imaging Technologies to Improve Preclinical Findings

2013 Short Courses:

- Addressing Safety Concerns for Biologics and Biosimilars
- Utilization of Cardiac Contractility Assays for Preclinical Safety Testing
- Animal Models of Pain: Progress and Challenges
- Design and Interpretation of Stability Studies for Difficult Drugs
- Use of Stem Cells for Safety Screening
- Introduction to Drug Metabolism and Its Role in Drug Toxicity
- Epigenetic Mechanisms of Pain
- Development of Nanotechnology Application into Innovative Therapies
- Roadmap for Outsourcing of Preclinical Imaging
- Advances in Imaging Quantitation
- Genetically Engineered Mouse Models versus Patient-Derived Xenograft Models: Comparing Strengths and Limitations