2nd Annual Biologics World Taiwan 2014

2nd Annual Biologics World Taiwan - the ONLY biologics and biosimilars focused platform in Taiwan - will bring together Taiwanese and international biopharma leaders, innovative biotechs, and technocrats.

2nd Annual Biologics World Taiwan brings to you:
•The most targeted platform to meet Taiwanese and international biologics manufacturers
•Case studies and discussions from senior level decision makers who will influence the direction of Taiwan's biologics industry
•Both strategic and technology-focused biologics development in Taiwan

Key topics include:
•Opportunities and challenges facing Taiwan's Biologics Industry
•Innovation highlights: Biobetters and novel biologics development in Taiwan
•Innovation highlights: Vaccine Development in Taiwan
•Biomanufacturing upstream best practices
•Biomanufacturing downstream best practices
•Operational excellence and PAT
•Crystalballing the future of Taiwan's biologics industry

Key speakers include:
•Dou Chang Lin, Chief Technology Offi¬cer, Biologic R&D, Luye Pharma Group
•Karen Wen, President, Mycenax Biotech, Taiwan
•Racho Jordanov, Founder, President and CEO, JHL Biotech
•Yariv Hefez, Vice President of Business Development, Strategy, Portfolio Management and Partnering, Merck Serono
•Dr. Jimmy Zhang, Managing Director, MSD Early Investments
•Dr. Youe-Kong Shue, Vice Chairman, OBO Pharma
•Juine-Ruey Chen, Head of R&D, Adimmune, and many more!