Biobanking Global Congress 2014 Europe

27th - 28th March 2014 / The Kingsley Hotel by Thistle, London, UK
+44 (0) 207 193 3485

The biobanking industry is growing at an exponential rate, as researchers realise the growing importance of using samples for R&D. This growth leads to several issues, commercial, ethical, and scientific.

There are three main strands to this conference: firstly the growth of biobank networks: what does this mean to researchers, how can standards be harmonized, and how can organisations collaborate successfully?

Secondly, the conference will examine the ethical and legal issues of biobanking - including a look at ownership and informed consent; how can you get proper consent for the samples and how can you prove that all steps have been taken to ensure ownership protocols?

Lastly, data management is a huge issue for biobanks, as they grow in size, how are the samples stored, how is the data pertaining to the samples managed, and how can biobanks make effective use of data for their own purposes?

Not only will these three issues be discussed, but the event will also look at drug discovery for biobanks, quality assurance, and include a case study.

Don’t miss this opportunity – Reason to register today and - Why Attend?

• The most up-to-date information on Sample Storage and Tracking Issues
• Review the development and implementation of a tissue repository
• Hear the latest on the Stem Cell Banking
• Discuss the changing approaches to target-finding, drug development and patient treatment
• Gain a clearer insight on Green Banking
• Understanding the regulatory social and ethical frameworks
• Examine the quality concerns for existing biospecimen collections
• Analyse major challenges for biorepository management and implementation
• Get the latest update on the application

A “Must attend” Biobanking Conference for 2014 for:
VPs, Directors, Heads, Managers of:

• Biobanks
• Tissue bank
• Biorepository / Biosample
• Translational Medicine
• Personalised Medicine
• Biomarkers Development
• Compound Management
• Digital Pathology
• Laboratory Automation
• Oncology Clinical Research
• Liquid Handling
• DNA Methylation
• Laboratory and Inventory
• Molecular Diagnostics
• Clinical Genetics, Pathology
• Genomics
• Scientific and Quality
• Privacy / Protections / Security
• R & D
• Quality Control
• Strategic Outsourcing
• Clinical Research
• Bioanlytical Chemistry
• Pharmacogenomics
• Proteomics
• Business Development
• Strategic Alliances
• Histopathology
• Non-clinical Biosample
• Health Science Policy
• Toxicology, Clinical Chemistry
• Clinical trials and Non-clinical R & D
• Procurement and Strategic Sourcing
• Informatics

Consultants, Academics, Regulatory bodies, Researchers, Biorepository Vendors, Government Officials