Biologics World Korea 2014

Biologics World Korea 2014 will take place on 22-24 April 2014 in Seoul, Korea.

Biologics World Korea has attracted over 350 biologics industry leaders in 2012 and 2013, it has established itself as the ONLY and MOST targeted biologics and biosimilars focused platform in Korea that brings together Korean and international biopharma leaders, innovative biotechs, and technocrats to convene and discuss on strategies, latest technologies and best practices.

Biologics World Korea 2014 brings you:

•The most targeted platform to meet Korean and international biosimilars and biologics manufacturers
•Unparalleled opportunities to network with Korea's biologic industry leaders face to face
•Strategic discussions and debates with senior level decision makers who will influence the direction of Korea's biologics industry
•First hand information on Korea's biologics industry regulatory system update
•Real life case studies and innovative product showcase of some Korean's most innovative companies

Key speakers:

•Paul Coleman PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Hanwha Chemicals, Korea
•Daniel D. Adams PhD, Executive Chairman and Global Head of Business Development, Protein Sciences Corporation, USA
•YongJick Kim, PhD, President, Manufacturing and Technical Operations, Celltrion, Korea
•Yariv Hefez, VP Strategic Development, Business Development, Portfolio Management and Partnering (Biosimilars), Merck Serono, Switzerland
•Donald Palahnuk, Director, Samsung Biologics, Korea
•Racho Jordanov, President and CEO, JHL Biotech, Taiwan
•Jin San Yoo PhD, CEO, Pharmaabcine, Korea
•Gregory Tewalt, PhD, Vice President Quality and Compliance, Samsung Biologics, Korea
•George Wang, PhD, Executive Director, Biologics & Bioprocess Development, WuXi AppTech, China
•Jeremy Caudill, Global Vice President, Business Development, Samsung BioLogics, Korea
•Sang Hoon Lee PhD, Senior Vice President, Hanwha Biologics, Taiwan
•Shin Jae Chang, PhD, Vice President, Celltrion, Korea
•Yi Huang PhD, Head, Department of Protein Sciences, Huabo Biopharm Co.Ltd, China
•Sukhui Kim, Director of Validation, Samsung Biologics, Korea
•Byeong Doo Song PhD, President, Scripps Korea Antibody Institute, Korea
•Madi R. Madiyalakan PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Quest Pharma Tech Inc, Canada
•May Wei, Global Regulatory Stratergist, Bayer Health Care, China
•Jong Shin Yoo, PhD, Director, Korea Basic Science Institute, Korea
•Changlin Dou PhD, Chief Technology Officer, Luye Pharmacy Group, China
•Huiguo (Forrest) Hu, Head of International Business, Shanghai CP Guojian Pharmaceuticals Co Ltd, China

Conference topics:

Biosimlars Competitive intelligence, Pricing and Market Entry Strategies
Biosimilars: Regulations
Preclinical & Clinical Development of Biosimilars
Biosimilars to Biobetters
BioManufacturing Strategy, Network and Outsourcing
Process Design & Development
Process Validation & Transfer
Overcoming Barriers in Market Access – Regulation and Distribution
Licensing & Co-Development
Round Table Discussions (Negotiation, Structuring, Cross-Border, IP)
Upstream Manufacturing (Cell Line, Cell Media Optimization)
Bioreactor and Single-UseTchnology
Downstream Manufacturing Economics & Best Practices
Post-Translational Modification
Comparability Studies
Advances in Analytical Technology
Novel Technology and Measurement Strategies