BIT's 4th Annual World Cancer Congress-2011-lung Cancer Conference (lungcancer2011)

Organizer’s Email

Contact name: Ms. Amanda Zhao
Event Location:Beijing, China
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Event Date:November 7,2011-November 9, 2011

Lung Cancer-2011 as the inaugurate symposium of BIT’s Annual World Cancer Congress, is also the parallel symposium of the 5th China Medicinal Biotech Forum which will take place simultaneously. Lung Cancer-2011 will emphasize on more practical and advanced ideas from the world. The program will highlight some recent breakthrough stories and successes in this particular field by organizing 1 plenary forum, 5 parallel tracks, 25 parallel scientific sessions, 4 workshops, exhibition zone, poster section and social activities etc.

Fax: 0086-411-84796897
Location address: No.8 Beichendong Road Chaoyang District