CHI’s Molecular Med Tri-Conference

February 11-15, 2013

The Moscone North Convention Center
747 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

The 20th International Molecular Med Tri-Conference is the leading drug discovery research event covering a broad spectrum of cutting-edge topics within molecular medicine with scientific, business and regulatory viewpoints. Join over 3,000 of your colleagues in interactive lectures, discussions, and various networking receptions to hear differing views and perspectives on poignant issues facing you and our industry today. Spanning five days, the Tri-Conference includes 5 Concurrent Symposia, the Emerging Molecular Diagnostics Partnering Forum, 15 Afternoon & Dinner Short Courses and 15 Conference Programs.

- Bioinformatics in the Genome Era
- Integrated R&D Informatics and Knowledge Management
- Molecular Diagnostics
- Mastering Medicinal Chemistry
- Personalized Diagnostics
- Cancer Molecular Markers
- Circulating Tumor Cells
- Digital Pathology
- Cell Therapy
- Cancer Biologics
- Clinical and Translational Science
- Clinical Sequencing
- Cancer Molecular Markers
- Predictive Pre-clinical Models in Oncology
- Oncology Clinical Trials