Conference on Respiratory Disorders Conference

Conference on Respiratory Disorders Conference
Examining the risk factors for respiratory disorders and assessing the
future growth potential of novel therapeutic strategies
10th - 11th March 2010, BSG House, London, UK

Key Speakers
• Fadi Eskandar, Principal Scientist, Novartis Pharmaceuticals
• Anders Fuglsang. Clinical and Regulatory Manager, Sandoz
• Matthew Catley, Senior Scientist, UCB Celltech
• Christian Hesslinger, Associate Director and Head of In-Vitro Biology, Nycomed
• Kurt Nikander, Director Clinical R & D, Philips Respironics
• Dame Gill Oliver, Chair, UK Lung Cancer Coalition
• Ted Yeoman, COPD Project Manager, NHS Cambridgeshire
• Fabian Schmidt, Director, SIMON - KUCHER & PARTNERS
• Jan-Cedric Hansen , Medico-Marketing European Strategist, StratAdviser
• Wisia Wedzicha, Professor of Respiratory Medicine, UCL Medical School
• Mark Sanders, Independent Consultant, Inhalatorium
• Stephane Lucchini, Business Manager, Biovays

The respiratory disorder market is highly competitive and brings in high revenues. The principal drivers are the increase in disease prevalence and the high economic cost of these diseases. With an increasing patient population and high-profile disorders, this market will continue to grow in the foreseeable future.

Visiongain is happy to bring you its inaugural Respiratory Disorders Conference, which will feature keynote addresses, presentations, case studies and insights from outstanding speakers in this key area. This fundamental meeting will showcase the recent scientific developments and significant advances made in the COPD, Asthma, Pulmonary, Lung cancer treatments.

Why Attend?

Key benefits
• Analyse the latest trends in the respiratory treatments
• Understand the severity of H1N1 influenza virus
• Evaluate the high economic cost of respiratory diseases
• Examine the life cycle management strategies to counter patent expiry
• Explore the key developments in the pulmonary device sector
• Hear key opinions from leading authorities in the academia and industry

Who should attend?

VPs, Directors, Heads, Managers of:
• Respiratory Science
• Research & Development
• Inflammation
• Clinical Development
• Regulatory Affairs
• Pulmonology
• Drug Discovery
• Respiratory Illness
• Inhalation Drug Delivery
• Preclinical Development
• Portfolio Management
• Thoracic Medicine
• Clinical Scientist
• Brand Strategy
• Pulmonary Research
• Inhalation
• Clinical Trials
• Clinical Pharmacology
• Pharmacotherapy
• Microbiology
• Epidemiology
• Drug Delivery
• Smoking Cessation

• Consultants& Academics
• Regulatory bodies
• Researchers


Day 1, Wednesday 10th March 2010

09:30 Registration and refreshments

10:00 Opening address from the chair

Anders Fuglsang
Clinical and Regulatory Manager

10:10 Finding ways to develop inhalation paediatric asthma therapy
• Paediatric asthma a real gap
• Regulatory environment
• Age definition
• Current therapy
• Mapping the future

Fadi Eskandar
Principal Scientist

10:50 Lung Cancer - Making a difference
• Public education
• Presentation and referral
• Diagnosis and access to treatment
• Specialist clinicians

Dame Gill Oliver
UK Lung Cancer Coalition

11:30 Morning refreshments

11:50 Lastest trends and innovations in severe asthma
• Correct identification of the asthma patients phenotype to ensure appropriate treatment
• Explore phenotype using case study approach looking at:
- Inflammatory neutrophilc/eospinophilic driven asthma and appropriate current Tx
- Allergic asthma and the use of Omalizumab
- Mucous phenotype asthma Antimucolitics/Hypertonic saline
- Use of home IV treatment in severe asthma to control asthma and avoid admission

Leanne Holmes
Asthma Nurse Specialist
The University Hospital of South Manchester

12:30 Impact and management of COPD exacerbations
• Natural history of COPD exacerbations
• Impact on disease progression and quality of life
• Aetiology of exacerbations
• Pharmacological and non-pharmacological prevention of COPD exacerbations

Wisia Wedzicha
Professor of Respiratory Medicine
UCL Medical School

13:10 Networking lunch

14:30 Enabling the self-management of exacerbations of COPD
• Why focus on COPD - the Cambridgeshire view
• Early Intervention to manage Acute Exacerbations
• Running the Service
• Outcomes

Ted Yeoman
COPD Project Manager
NHS Cambridgeshire

15:10 Inhibition of inducible nitric oxide synthase in COPD - evidence from a smoke mouse model
• Pathophysiology of COPD and the central role of nitric oxide and oxidative stress
• Development of iNOS inhibitors for respiratory diseases - lessons learned from animal models and clinical trials
• Efficacy of iNOS inhibitors in a sub acute smoke mouse model of COPD

Christian Hesslinger
Associate Director and Head of In-Vitro Biology

15:45 Afternoon Refreshments

16:05 Clinical and Regulatory aspects of equivalence and non-inferiority
• The regulatory route to approval in the EU for Asthma and COPD drugs.
• Choice of endpoint: The role of dose-response
• The new guideline: Challenges and loose ends

Anders Fuglsang
Clinical and Regulatory Manager

16:45 Closing remarks from the chair

16:50 Networking drinks
Take your discussions further and build new relationships in a relaxed and informal setting

Day 2

Day 2, Thursday 11th March 2010

09:30 Registration and refreshments

10:00 Opening address from the chair

10:10 Explore key developments in the pulmonary device sector
• New technologies
• New pulmonary devices
• The regulatory environment
• Adherence and compliance issues
• Patient feedback on use of inhaler
• Web based patient management through “intelligent” inhalers
• Future opportunities

Kurt Nikander
Director Clinical R & D
Philips Respironics

10:50 Understanding the severity of H1N1 influenza virus
• A(H1N1) target cells in the human body
• Physiopathology of the respiratory distress syndrome
• Specificity of the swine flu pandemic
• Economic impact at the company’s level
• Legal implications for mangers
• A model to assess your continuity plan

Jan-Cedric Hansen
Medico-Marketing European Strategist

11:30 Morning refreshments

11:50 Biomarkers of lung diseases
• Promises & challenges of biomarkers
• The safety-efficacy challenge: biomarkers in the drug development process
• Respiratory and inflammatory disease biomarkers (COPD, asthma, fibrosis...)
• Rising to the challenge: biomarker solutions for personalised medicine

Stephane Lucchini
Business Manager

12:30 Antibody based therapies for the treatment of asthma
• The current status of antibody based approaches to treat asthma
• The place of antibody base treatments in the treatment of asthma
• What clinical trials of biologicals have taught us about asthma
• Future prospects for antibody based therapies

Matthew Catley
Senior Scientist
UCB Celltech

13:10 Networking lunch

14:30 Pulmonary Delivery - how did it begin?
• Role of the physician vs the scientist/technologist
• Adaptation versus design
• New materials extending possibilities

Mark Sanders
Independent Consultant

15:10 Examining the life cycle management strategies to counter patent expiry
• Introduction to increase lifetime profitability of a drug
• LOE defense strategies: Alternatives, threats, opportunities/risks, cases
- Follow-on products
- Rx-OTC switch
- New administration form/line extensions
- Indication enlargement
- Own or licensed generic
- Dual brands
- Leveraging brand value
- Price tactics

Fabian Schmidt
Simon - Kucher & Partners

15:50 Afternoon refreshments

16:10 Advances in radiotherapy in lung cancer
• Technological developments
• Image guided radiotherapy
• Stereotactic body Radiotherapy

16:50 Role of imaging in respiratory diseases
• Role in the diagnosis of interstitial lung disease
• Growing role in diagnostic algorithms for pulmonary embolism
• Insight into the new imaging techniques

17:30 Chair’s closing remarks

17:40 End of conference

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