Conference on Vaccine Research & Innovation 2010

Key Speakers
Guido Grandi, Senior Project Leader, Novartis
Vaccines and Diagnostics
Dr Bassam Hallis, General Project Manager, Centre for Emergency Preparedness and
Response, Health Protection Agency
Alexander von Gabain, Founder & Strategic Advisor to the Management and
Supervisory Boards, Intercell
Dr David Kirke, Associate Director of Regulatory Affairs, ERA Consulting
Dr Barbara Guinn, Cancer Sciences Division, University of Southampton
Jean Marc Balloul, New Venture Development Director, Transgene
Lior Carmon, Founder & CEO, Vaxil Biotherapeutics
Conference Introduction
Vaccine Research & Innovation 2010
2nd – 3rd September 2010
Dear Colleague,
Increasing use of novel technologies has boosted the vaccines industry
worldwide. Recent technological breakthroughs in vaccine research, manufacturing
and delivery, promise a bright future for the new generation of vaccines,
particularly for chronic conditions such as cancer, auto-immune diseases and
nicotine addiction. According to recent report, The Global Vaccines Market,
2008-2023, therapeutic vaccines will significantly expand the vaccines market
contributing to rapid revenue growth during the period 2008 to 2023. The cancer
vaccine market, led by cervical cancer vaccines, is presently one of the most
lucrative areas for vaccine manufacturers. Advances are also being made in
almost all adjunct areas of vaccine research, such as the mode of delivery, use
of combination vaccines, vaccine adjuvant, and vaccine manufacturing. Our
Vaccine Research & Innovation conference is designed to implement successful
strategies and innovative technologies to develop more effective vaccines. Gain
insights through industry led case studies and discussions with key decision
markers from the vaccines sector. Network and collaborate with global
professionals to keep up-to-date with future trends and exploring business
opportunities at the two-day event.
By attending this conference you will gain
insights on:
• Overcoming challenges to cancer vaccine
• Evaluating the immune response to combination vaccines
• Accelerating new vaccine introduction in the developing world
• Monitoring High sensitivity T cell immune mechanism of novel vaccines, gene
therapy, protein based drugs
• Assessing the key immunological observations on clinical development of
pandemic influenza A (H1N1) vaccines
• Examining the safety challenges on new vaccine introduction
• Implementing strategies for manufacturing and purification of conjugate
• Good supply chain management practices for vaccine distribution
Who will be there?
Presidents, Chief Executives, VPs, Global Heads,
Scientific Advisors, Therapeutic Area Heads, in:
• Vaccine equipment and manufacturing
• Vaccine application development
• Vaccinology and molecular biology
• Cell line engineering
• Proteomics, recombinant protein/DNA biotechnology
• Infectious disease R&D
• In-licensing and out-licensing
• Pharmacovigilance and safety testing
• Regulatory affairs
• Strategic product development
• External research
• Manufacturing/production
• Chemistry manufacturing and controls (CMC)
• Procurement & purchasing
• Cold chain supply and lyophilisation
• Strategic alliances
• Clinical product resourcing
• Supply outsourcing project management
• Contract management
• Process development
• Business development
• Drug discovery & delivery
• Patent law
• Investment and venture capital
Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities:
This event offers a unique opportunity to meet
and do business with some of the key players in the pharmaceutical and biotech
industries. If you have a service or product to promote, you can do so at this
event by:
• Hosting a networking drinks reception
• Taking an exhibition space at the conference
• Advertising in the delegate documentation pack
• Providing branded bags, pens, gifts, etc.
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