Dried Blood Spot Sampling in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Three Years of Experience and Implementation


Date(s) And Time(s):
May 3 2011 8:00AM - May 4 2011 5:00PM

Park Hyatt at the Bellevue
Philadelphia, PA


Sampling from dried blood spots (DBS) on specialty papers is a novel
methodology in the area of pharmacokinetics and toxicokinetics that
continues to be an active area of increasing interest and implementation.
As this technology evolves so does our understanding of the
underlying fundamentals. This workshop will focus on the three areas
primarily impacted by DBS implementation:
• Bioanalytical
• Preclinical studies and safety assessment
• Clinical studies and clinical pharmacokinetics

Attendees will:
• Share best practices for DBS use/implementation, sample
collection, handling, and associated bioanalysis
• Discuss the fundamentals of underlying DBS scientifi c principles
• Discuss case studies around technique and implementation
• Understand practical and pharmacokinetic considerations
around implementation, particularly the “bridging” studies
necessary between plasma- and DBS-based studies
• Examine the application of DBS sampling methodologies to
other matrices, including plasma and other volume limited
• Understand for which studies and molecules where DBS
sampling should not be applied and implemented

• Podium and poster presentations from industry leaders in
DBS sampling techniques
• Networking opportunities across clinical pharmacokinetics,
regulatory, bioanalysis, toxicology and other preclinical
• Regulatory participation

Target Audience:
• Discovery and development pharmaceutical
scientists and managers who deal with bioanalysis,
pharmacokinetics, safety assessment, animal
welfare, Q&C, sample management, and clinical
• Contract research organizations interested in
offering DBS services to their various sponsors
• Vendors involved with paper manufacture,
robotics, sample handling, and mass spectrometry

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