Drug Discovery USA Congress

This congress brings together over 150 senior experts to discuss recent developments in drug discovery and medicinal chemistry.

As new technologies develop and promising collaborations strengthen, it seems that the pharma landscape is turning into a prime site for innovation. This event will look at the emerging methodologies in a series of core areas, including open innovation, external research, high content analysis and knowledge-based design.

In addition, we will cover novel solutions to key discovery challenges, such as the need to increase molecular complexity in compounds, develop disease applicable assays and build physiologically relevant screens. Expert speakers will also tackle the big debates currently affecting research pipelines – Should we prioritise phenotypic over target-based screening? How will we utilise discovery data later in the pipeline? What can Big Pharma learn from successful Biotechs?

To register your interest, or to request further information on available discounts, please contact Danielle Dalby on d.dalby@oxfordglobal.co.uk or call +44 (0)1865 248455.