Evidence-based Medicine & Health Technology Assessment: Moving From Separate Appraisals to Synergistic Communications

Date(s) And Time(s):
Mar 23 2010 12:30PM - Mar 24 2010 5:00PM

Hilton Washington Embassy Row
WASHINGTON, DC 20036-1075

Interest Area(s):
Regulatory Affairs, Statistics, Clinical Research, Medical Communications, Medical Writing, Research & Development


Learn how the once distinct roles involved in developing guidance for evidence-based medicine (EBM) and health technology assessment (HTA) are coming together, particularly from a communications and dissemination perspective.

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of this meeting, participants should be able to:

· Compare and contrast the methods and data sources for evidence generation and evaluation that support EBM and HTA;

· Differentiate the processes employed for HTA across public and private payers in the US and other countries;

· Participate in the generation or evaluation of HTAs and the promotion of EBM that is scientifically rigorous and achievable; and

· Discuss the legal implications and market demands surrounding dissemination of evidence-based information that both decision-makers and other healthcare individuals need to see.

Target Audience:

This program will benefit individuals involved in:

· Evidence-based medicine and quality health care

· Research that generates and analyzes evidence for drug approvals and formulary decision-making

· Making coverage decisions and managing pharmacy spending

· Pharmaceutical manufacturing that produces evidence for NDAs and formulary dossiers

· Reviewing evolving data on safety, effectiveness and affordability of health care

Contact Information:

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