FDA Compliant Marketing/Promotions for Medical Device Companies - Best Selling Package Webinar

The following is a pack of 4 best-selling training CDs for sales, marketing & regulatory professionals in the Medical Device industry. These courses provide solutions for all critical challenges & questions faced by you and your team pertaining to regulations/compliance, best practices, etc.
ComplianceOnline has created these courses individually through world renowned experts and combined them together to create a comprehensive training resource for companies to train their employees. You can store it as a library material and train all your employees in these compliance issues to get them ready to face any kind of compliance challenge and overcome it through expert advice and best practices.
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All Modules:
Module 1: Fraud & Abuse in healthcare sales and marketing – Update on the Law and Tips on Compliance
Module 2: Lawful Pre-FDA Approval & Pre-FDA Clearance Communication
Module 3: Off-Label Promotion of Medical Devices: Maximizing Your Performance Claims within FDA's Framework of Acceptable Practices
Module 4: Using Social Media in a FDA Compliant Manner
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