IIR's 2nd Annual Business of Biosimilars

IIR’s 2nd Annual Business of Biosimilars conference (http://www.iirusa.com/biosimilarsevent/conference.xml) delivers effective strategies to navigate scientific, regulatory, economic, and legal challenges you face to remain competitive in commercializing your biosimilar portfolio in the United States and abroad.

Embrace change to move forward.

At the 2010 conference you will:

* Navigate worldwide regulatory and legislative issues
* Build strategic partnerships with emerging markets
* Adopt effective IP and patent protection strategies for biosimilars
* Evaluate scientific implications of biosimilars to ensure safety, quality, and efficacy
* Manage risk and make investment decisions to ensure ROI
* Obtain branding strategies to differentiate a product on the market
* Negotiate pricing and reimbursement strategies with government and payers
* Profit from practical lessons in Canada and Europe’s regulatory policies and market experience
* Discuss evolving consumer and physician perspectives on biosimilars

For more information visit http://www.iirusa.com/biosimilarsevent/conference.xml