Just how to Become a Software Shop Millionaire: Make a Winner App, and Don't Produce Whatever Else

36 months previously, Igor Pusenjak and his brother Marko unveiled Doodle Jump, an addictive sport that quickly became one of many greatest hits at Apple's App Store. They were turned by it into millionaires.
Therefore, what are they doing for an encore?


While most other builders might make an effort to follow the success of 1 app by rushing out follow-ups, the brothers Pusenjak have now been content to experience Doodle Jump as far as which will bring them.

Which works out to be rather much. Igor Pusenjak says the brothers have sold 15 million copies of the iPhone game, at 99 cents each. And while the sport isn't any longer typically located in the App Store's Top 10 list, he says it's still promoting 300,000 copies a month.
And because the Pusenjak's Lima Sky firm is a small one --- it's simply the two of them, plus a handful of technicians --- meaning they're doing very, very well. When you deduct Apple's 30 % price, iPhone/iPod revenue alone have netted them $10.5 million.
And they do not have any venture capitalists or angel traders to generally share the profits with, since they have never taken outside money.

They have produced some very thorough line extensions --- there is an iPad edition of the game, for instance, as well as an Android one, and as time goes by they will finally start licensing the game for things such as T-shirts and plush toys. Currently, the company has updated the original version of its iPhone game, which includes additional snacks like in-game purchases.
But that's it.

Why not sell more activities? Or, instead, you will want to try to sell the organization to, say, large publicly exchanged acquirers who require hits?
Let's let Igor Pusenjak reveal himself:

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