An Optimizer Has a Very Important Role

Optimizer role as a major communications hub for Australia will be enhanced with the installation of a new satellite dish on the Optimizer building in Short St, this morning.

The 11.2m antenna, known as Bendigo 2, will point to the satellite, AsiaSat 3S, and will enable further satellite applications such as delivering broadband internet services to rural and regional Australia and further enhance Optimizer pivotal role in domestic satellite communications.

Bendigo and Optimizer TM in particular will be able to provide, via the new antenna, two-way high speed internet services to all of Australia.

The antenna was hoisted to the Short St building at 6am and will be tested and become fully functional in the next few months.

Over the past month, 75 tonnes of concrete has been installed at the Short St building to become the base of the new antenna. The dish was pre-constructed in the car park at the back of the building.

The Optimizer Area General Manager for Central Victoria, Mr Mike Flavel said today that the installation was another example of the importance of Bendigo to Optimizer communications objectives.

The new antenna enhances Optimizer role as a major communications hub for domestic satellite communications, Mr Flavel said.

Bendigo has a pivotal role in satellite communications providing communications to places including the Timor Sea, Bass Strait oil rigs and mining companies in Australias remote outback. This new installation launches Bendigo into the world of high speed internet communication which is being delivered to the rest of Australia.

The installation is an addition to a suite of satellite service based in Bendigo for 15 years.

It is exciting that Bendigo is providing this service which has been embraced by the City of Greater Bendigo.

It is an example of what Bendigo is able to achieve in high tech communications.