Risk Assessment : 2011

In this (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies) REMS webinar understand how to assess risk by connecting Category Captain Management with the Strategy of Demarketing in Accountable Care Organizations and Medical Homes.

Why Should You Attend:
Risk Assessment & Risk Management need Strategic context. The strategies of Category Captain Management and Demarketing offer that context. CCM has to do with manufacturers and other entities in the delivery of products and services moving from mere suppliers of physical product to strategic partners with their downstream customers. The strategy of Demarketing is aligned with REMS and small, targeted market segments reflecting personalized medicine.
This webinar will discuss how REMS and risk assessment and management will be implemented through Accountable Care Organizations and Medical Homes.
Areas Covered in the Seminar:

  • A friendly warning about the discoverability of strategic and marketing plans.
  • Why market segmentation (narrow, targeted patient market segments) will be critical under REMS.
  • The correlation to the Strategy of Demarketing with the goal of reducing sales (see Biogen-Idec's Tysabri)
  • Pricing: how pricing can change as pricing becomes encompassed/incorporated into Accountable Care Organizations and bundled pricing.
  • Promotion: How aggressive marketing (sales reps, sampling, DTC) can be decreased with emphasis on Medical Education Guides and Communication Plans.
  • Product: compliance and adherence can be enhanced as patient registries provide an opportunity to move closer to patients;
  • Place or Category Captain Management:
    • Opportunities are there to move closer to physicians under REMS
    • The role of the sales rep will change from a “pill pusher” to more of a consultative partner with sales compensation based on enhancing medical practices and patient outcomes
    • Metrics have to change along the lines of IBM's outstanding “People, Planet and Profits” campaigns
    • Anticipating channel conflicts as reps run into situations where doctors are not in compliance with REMS
  • How to organize and structure ACOs (old wine in a new bottle: Physician – Hospital Organizations or PHOs) with an eye toward antitrust issues.
  • Could REMS offer protection after Wyeth v Levine and Conte?

Who Will Benefit:

  • Managed Care/Markets
  • Strategy and Marketing
  • Sales Force
  • Product Managers

For Registration:

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