Training Course on Clinical Statistics for Nonstatisticians

Date(s) And Time(s):
Oct 6 2011 8:30AM - Oct 7 2011 4:00PM

Hotel Mercure Vienna Europaplatz
Matrosengasse 6-8
1060 Vienna

This course is designed to be an introduction of basic statistical concepts fundamental to clinical research, for professionals who have regular exposure to statistics either through studies or professional experience. The material is roughly equivalent to an introductory statistics course. While it includes a few formulae for individuals who are interested in computational details, the course emphasizes the application of statistical concepts to clinical investigation.

Key Topic

Basic statistical principles pertinent to clinical research.

Learning Objectives:
At the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to:

Discuss basic statistical concepts such as variability, confidence intervals, hypotheses testing and P-values
Distinguish various study designs and identify techniques to avoid bias
Recognise critical statistical issues in design and analysis
Demonstrate how to establish clinical equivalence
Use basic statistical terminology with ease
Discuss the statistician’s role in clinical research

Target Audience:

This course will particularly benefit professionals who must understand and work with statistical concepts related to clinical research. It assumes a basic understanding of statistics (either through professional experience or studies) roughly equivalent to an introductory statistics course.

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