Roche Diagnostics downward spiral

They used to be #1 in the US and the world in diagnostics, then their leaders left, the FDA moved in and total incompetence followed. They continue to lose good talent and have mediocre products. And again as they did two years ago, they cut their customer-facing departments, while continuing to be so top-heavy they keep falling over themselves.The most recent reduction of 200 has established Roche as probably the only $1billion organization that does not have a true customer service department, or leader. Instead of going from "good to great", they've gone from "great to desperate".

someone should post the

someone should post the demotions... that would be great. is MT back in DE?

Most of DoD appointments are

Most of DoD appointments are people he has worked with before. It also appears that all of the friends of JS are either out or are getting lower level positions.

Why was JP named to replace

Why was JP named to replace MT...instead of people like WG, RC or SZ who know the business. Is it political or have they not done a good job? Is it age related, seems all new LT members are young and that no one over 50 is named to DLT.

SH is head of Diabetes Care

SH is head of Diabetes Care Ops and R&D in US. Another management talker with no actions. People have known for years that SH is being watched over by RY and is kept on even though he is just a yes man.

SH = Scott Hubbard in DC.

SH = Scott Hubbard in DC.

EK needs to go. What exactly

EK needs to go. What exactly has he done? Not much. Most of the heavy liffting of the remediation was done before he arrived. He wants to have the position that KK go. DENIED!

After many changes in Q in

After many changes in Q in Indy, now there will probably be more changes with KK at the top. No surprise if EK leaves to go back to pharma after having to clean up Roche;s bad rep on submissions and on compliance. Then we'll get another Litwitz or Bowden. Wonder what FDA thinks about the new global Q org. I guess we will find out with another audit soon enough.

DR was the best. Hope she is

DR was the best. Hope she is doing okay these days.

i remember when Q was

i remember when Q was staffing up-great hiring process, just taking peoples pulse... ok, you're next... surprised fda hasn't thrown another 12 mos tailgater at roche

Like EK said at a town hall -

Like EK said at a town hall - "i'm the highest paid janitor, I just sweep the dirt under the carpet". The VP of Compliance has been a revolving door position. EK is pushing his time. Complaince is too top heavy and full of incompetent idiots with little to no experience. That use to be a great department under DR.

who is SH?

who is SH?

isn't that the theme...

isn't that the theme... europunks out of touch with US market? DoD can fix this. interesting that BP reports to DoD. maybe he and MT will work together again soon?

People worried about Supply

People worried about Supply Chain when there's a huge mess in Diabetes Care. Arrogant Germans making bad decisions and not dealing with the maltose issue TEN years ago now has business at risk. Not sure was SH does besides travel around the world. Could have made an impact on DC, but just kisses butt. He and all the DC cronies need to go...EB, BP..

Two of MM's kids are college

Two of MM's kids are college students. They work here during the summer with everyone elses kids.

MM was deceptive about her

MM was deceptive about her teams results and protected her own self interest at the cost of the company. Someone posted earlier that she had great results??? What the ....? She hid true supply chain numbers behind her "results". Cost of backorders was one of them. MM didn't show how many customers were impacted negatively only how much $$ was tied up (at least she didn't show this one for years). Very cute. Hundreds of customers suffered from her departments inability but she was a genius to show the dollar amount. Since most customers were invoiced after the tests were performed and thus the items shipped at no charge; her results looked great because it was a low dollar amount affected. Beautiful approach to cover your own butt. Only when the true number of customers impacted was shown to executives did they have a clue about her management ability. Patients were suffering from back orders, hospitals couldn't test, and mortality rates were shown to increase when there was a backorder. Nice. But MM was hitting her numbers. Anyone out there care to defend this? Anyone? Because if you do, then you have no clue about your work and why you're in business. Roche sucks.

I just remember MM and KK

I just remember MM and KK laying down "honey bees" on blackjack tables down at Ponce Hilton until 4 in the morning. Would be hilarious to have RY back in Indy.

Nothing againt MM's kids.

Nothing againt MM's kids. I'm sure that they are nice kids. It is just so glaringly dripping with favoritism and politics that all 3 of her kids are working at Roche. Even if they are geniuses and could help turn around the site, it is the appearance of impropriety.

I think most folks at this

I think most folks at this site miss the big picture with Indy. 80 percent of Indy's oprofits were from Diabetes care 4 years ago. With the loss of 1 third of their market share the checks Indy sends bac to Basel no longer support the Indy site. In this environment there will be a lot of losers and few winners. People will flock to leaders in power like KK and MM for protection and hence a ver political environment with a lot of folks actin like MM wantabees. With MM finally having to show results rather than a KK "chameleon" a lot of her following is down right scared. MM will be gone soon and some of thsi pressure will disipate

Working with MM in her

Working with MM in her department is one thing, having to interact with her for those outside her area, especially if one is not the same level, is a challenge. She is arrogant, not customer focused, and believes her way is the only way. She is a political expert.

EK has to be quite "peeved"

EK has to be quite "peeved" that KK got the head Q job. EK has had a keen interest in that job since he got to RDO.

Regarding Q job cuts, OF COURSE THERE WILL BE MORE CUTS! When RPD finally shuts down at the end of the year, there will have to be reductions in config mgmt / documentation - don't need as many docs; calibration - less equipment to calibrate; auditing - not as many areas to audit. This would be in addition to the folks that are directly associated with RPD - QA and QC.

How many true job cuts occur will depend on KK establishing a "global" team in Indy (likely to be small) and how long KK will stay in that role.

As they say in Germany, Jedem

As they say in Germany, Jedem das Seine

I think the issue with MM is

I think the issue with MM is about style not substance. She is respected for her results which are credible and for her ability to get things done. She is not respected for the way she interacts with others, which can be demeaning and abusive. She guards her borders very carefully, quickly squashing anyone who disagrees or tries to point out areas for improvement. Instead of taking people aside to address performance issues she will often publically dress them down and launch a campaign to discredit them behind their backs.

Anyone hear what is going on

Anyone hear what is going on in Quality in RDO and RDC? Are these going to be combined? With KK as new head of global Q, does it mean that our boss EK is on the way out? KK is not a Q guy, so does this mean there will be more layoffs in Indy? Q has been downsized enough.

Yeah well the problem with

Yeah well the problem with that is that people contribute in all kinds of ways, and sometimes in ways that are too complex even to be recognized by officious simpletons who rise to power only because they are extremely effective at busywork and indtimidate with their controlling personality. Such a person (and MM is sounding like one of them) only recognizes and respects what they are good at - i.e. busywork, whether meaningful or not - as a contribution.

Lots of management bashing,

Lots of management bashing, and some of it is deserved. Not sure why MM singled out. Worked with MM for long time, and it appears she has done a lot for the company and Indy. Tough on people not performing, but that's what Roche needs, not only in Indy but especially in Mannheim. I've heard supply chain in Indy well respected. Hard to argue with good results. I suspect that those posting are those that are ones that have not performed and were punished. Those folks should be ashamed about attacking MM's family. Ridiculous. She helped my kid with a summer job in the warehouse. And I hear from friends in Q that her daughter was a real star. Don't we want people like that no matter where they come from?

Who is DoD's replacement at

Who is DoD's replacement at RMD?

Will JP name a Head of the

Will JP name a Head of the lab business? MT felt he could do both jobs...which didn't work out so well! Will be interesting to see if JP changes this. NSM this week will be interesting also!

"Diasteronics? " That's

"Diasteronics? "

That's great. LMAO

LV just translates the bad

LV just translates the bad results from English to German and tries to make numbers look good. As Yogi Berra would say, "We're lost but we're making good time!"

JP can use the tuition

JP can use the tuition reimbursement thing, get an MBA and then use it as boilerplate right after his name. That is very popular now in this culture. He could fit right in. (Wonder if they have it on their mailboxes at home too?)

I am having my realtor

I am having my realtor politely contact both MM and KK. Both of them will need to sell their Geist mansions soon, once they are fired by the new management team

MM for President of RDO.

MM for President of RDO.

McCain could only survive

McCain could only survive this long as @Roche. No other company would put up with her. Leadership? LOL. Who could Yates even put in if he came back? Who would want to come back & run this mess?

What has LV done to improve

What has LV done to improve the diabetes care division? They moved some people around out od VP sales & into another role, but really no major changes in mgmt. in area sales or maktg to speak of. He seems to have been content with what was failing there when he got there. They need new blood, but with the same old tired products and market share declining so badly would any from Abbott, Lifescan or Bayer come and infuse some new ideas? Would they listen? No. And now roche is saddled with that Diasteronics pump thing.

She's been there forever and

She's been there forever and she's been bad just as long.

Since MM is a micromanager,

Since MM is a micromanager, her people are not empowered and growth creativity is stifled in her organization. Too bad many bright, once energetic people are now only drones.

No, Not Marko; you mean Marco

No, Not Marko; you mean Marco C.

MM is despised because of a

MM is despised because of a few reasons.

First, although she touts "I only make decisions based on fact", in reality, she mostly makes decisions on political reasons. For example, most of her summer students and interns are children of VPs or other people that she can extract something. Further, all three of her children now work at Roche. Oh, but it's not because of the strings she has pulled.....please. Her biased decisions are so obvious it's not funny.

Second, she is a micromanager to the extreme. She needs to know everything that goes on around her and usually wants to influence if not make most of the decisions. Unfortunately, she has a staff that feeds that behavior and they report to her every little detail.

Third, she has no problem at all being a two-faced person. Many times, she will appear to be the nicest person and then go around and comment about how the person she just talked to is terrible or incompetent. Remember the recently retired export control dude.

Fourth, she does not mind thowing her weight around and belittling folks as she goes along. Too many examples to list.

Fifth, her counterparts in Mannheim accuse her of always wanting to expand her Queendom. Mostly true.

Sixth, many people know that the main reason she is in her current position is because of KK. He allowed her to get away with many, many missteps, errors in judgement, etc. talk about cronyism to the extreme!

so really more than a couple of reasons...

JP? Guess it only takes a

JP? Guess it only takes a bachelor's degree in marketing now so we know were he'll be taking his cues from. Arbeit macht frei !

How soon will other changes

How soon will other changes trickle down? What's the scoop on JP? What kind of leader is he? What about the new dude in Branchburg? He's from Pharma so he's bound to think most of us are incompetent...

Why is MM so despised? Is in

Why is MM so despised? Is in incompetence or personality?

MM's whole organization is

MM's whole organization is based on political affiliations and not performance. Look for the things to crumble there as the new management cleans up the situation.

Soon is not soon enough for

Soon is not soon enough for MM to be gone.

Marko Polo?

Marko Polo?

You mean they are not in bed

You mean they are not in bed together anymore? Whatever happened to that Marko fellow that MT imported from Asia?

LV has a lot to answer for

LV has a lot to answer for diabetes care. Am not sure why he's still around....

The creation of RDC and RDO

The creation of RDC and RDO was never, never understood by employees of both. They said it was to mirror Roche business structures around the world. But that never made any sense at all. All it did in Indy was create blame games for company failures, of which there were many, between Operations (product planning, manufacturing) and Comercial (sales and marketing). Roche became an MBA case study of failed organization strategy.

MT is just a short-fingered

MT is just a short-fingered vulgarian. A bad dining experience at Sullivan's indeed! What a tool.

The folks in Mannheim and

The folks in Mannheim and Basel know that MM in the supply chain is not good for the business, and only the result of a political appointment by KK. With KK not in a position to defend her, she will be ousted soon...

Well, hopefully it is not

Well, hopefully it is not Yates as I believe he, Kost and McCain were teammates previously. I think Kost is better in a regulatory role as his expertise is not leadership. McCain is just awful, it is hard to believe she is still in a key role at Roche.

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