Beckman Coulter, COD Finally gone

After some very agonizing years, COD has been let go from Beckman.
I wish her good luck with washing her hands of the blood she caused with patients and people she laid off. She will not ever be forgiven.

I always thought COD was a

I always thought COD was a bit "Fishy"

You'll get that. The

You'll get that. The unwritten rule of Quality is to find a scapegoat. Never take the blame yourself just find some poor fool you can hang out to dry. Happens all over the world even in CODs home country. Perhaps it's a cultural thing -
Usually the people who do this don't have a clue themselves but surround themselves with toadies who do. When the structure begins to crumble the scapegoats get it first followed eventually by the toadies until it finally catches up with the head honcho. COD is no different ,

There are many people

There are many people remaining who pre-dated COD and are just as responsible for the mess at BEC. Danaher will never be able to fully purge these morons.

Sadly, many good people who were made scapegoats and given the walk of shame will never have their names cleared.

You don't want to know about

You don't want to know about Carlsbad

What happened at Carlsbad?

What happened at Carlsbad?

I worked for her at

I worked for her at Carlsbad... I was not impressed, decisions she made there will come back to haunt her...I hope

It looks like the Romulan

It looks like the Romulan Flag Police are making the rounds here.

(This idiocy must be driving the BCI/Danaher monitors wild.)

yejquv tlhIngan. tera'ngan

yejquv tlhIngan. tera'ngan wabmeyvetlh pagh Dapvetlh SuboQtaHvIS cha' tlhIH ghaj tlhInganpu'. qaboQmeH 'ej wIH mut law' chenmoH QIH 'ej QuQ vaj SeHmo' maH nuv ngIl, vay' tera'ngan tlhIngan je DochHa'meH neH qel maH.

Dun QIH tera' gheSpu' qaStaHvIS qa' jIH sodom 'ej gomorrah, chunDab HIv raSya' Eastern qaStaHvIS 1908, law' pompeii, etc. QIH rur refine british Dargh ghom taHtaHghach bortaS ghaH, 'ej maH . vIq pagh wIghaj tlhInganpu'.

secretary tlhIngan jenwI' yejquv

(For those who prefer it in Klingonese)

Your disparaging comments

Your disparaging comments have been forwarded to the Klingon High Council. Apparently, you Earthers are completely unaware that Klingons have no sense of humour. As a cruel and ruthless species, we will only be considering the form of destruction that we shall bring to those who dare compare any Earther to a Klingon, and especially in a negative manner.

The great destructions that have taken place on Earth in the past such as Sodom and Gomorrah, the meteor attack on Eastern Russia in 1908, the destruction of Pompeii, etc. will seem like a refined British tea party compared to the revenge we will take for your unacceptable remarks. We Klingons have zero tolerance for such behavior.

Secretary to the Klingon High Council

A village in Ireland will get

A village in Ireland will get it's idiot back. Why, thank you kindly at least this implies that an irish village has only one idiot as opposed to the several idiots found in the typical American hamlet. Please don't judge us all on one person and please check the standard American phrase book before commenting. Christ, some of you people have made up your own language that challenges even Klingon.

COD thought 13485 was the

COD thought 13485 was the number of shares she would get in her bonus

Just was replaced about a

Just was replaced about a month ago, I will miss her, a village in Ireland will get it's idiot back...

You mean Claire, God I

You mean Claire, God I thought that she was gone long ago!

COD former Senior VP Quality

COD former Senior VP Quality Beckman



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