Experience @ QUINTILES?


Does anyone have experience, or insight, into working, or worked for Quintiles?

If that really is the case

If that really is the case and data is being manipulated then you are complicit if you do not whistle blow... But then again maybe you are exaggerating....

On the Quitiles Web Site you

On the Quitiles Web Site you can submit your background, add a job agent, and get jobs mailed to you. My agent returns 2 - 3 jobs there a week. HR has called me twice, and am still to move up in the process.

I'm coming from the Dx Space, but know enough about Pharma to write a book. LOL! I'm trying to figure out if there has been so much of a Paradigm Shift in the Rx Industry (drug discovery, reporting, documentation, submissions, etc.) that things are in a major flux there.

Thanks for your response.And, anything more that you - or others - can add.

Sadly, yes. What do you want

Sadly, yes. What do you want to know specifically? I'm in a department who's remit is to run safety pharmacology screens and ensure the result is manipulated in such a way as to please the client.

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