Pfizer now in damage control with it's employees

Time for Read and team to act like they weren't throwing their own emotes under the bus. We all know major Pfizer job cuts were part of this deal and not that they failed it's time to act like we really love and appreciate you all. It's just making a bad situation even worse and with meetings now being scheduled with most groups next week it will be yet just another insult to sit there while they spread more lies about how they give a damn about us. Read and team need to go now as they will never be trusted again by anyone in zpfizer as they showed their true colors and no one will trust another word they ever say again.

I poop

I poop

and deep down, everyone knows

and deep down, everyone knows that you are a little biofind shit trying to increase web traffic. How did you feel when you watched your mother die in agony?

Both companies are toast if

Both companies are toast if this deal doesn't get done. Deep down everybody knows this.

Well informed my arse, an

Well informed my arse, an email when it hit the press Pfizer bid and then an email Shen AZ won, who is he kidding? So it came down to Pfizer not wanting to pull an all nighter and Read not wanting to go back to England on his private jet, gee what great leadership. By this time next year AZ will be gone and US Pfizer sites will be in the process of being closed to fulfill his whim.The focus and dedication are now gone and will remain that way with Read in charge. What a very sad end to a once great company, it's ending hated by the world and with no respect by it's own employees.

Thank Goodness for that. For

Thank Goodness for that. For a moment i thought they might resort to meaningless bullshit.

every colleague was well

every colleague was well informed and fully on board with the strategy. Everyone appreciates that this was a dare to try moment. Everyone knows they are part of a science driven organization that cares about patients. Everyone will stay focused on delivering the portfolio.

Hugs and kisses,
Straight Talk Santa

Do you think it will take

Do you think it will take that long? Institutional investors are not known for their patience and they're ultimately the ones calling the shots.

Talks will be going on under

Talks will be going on under the radar. I am confident a deal will be done first Q 2015.

In reality, Pfizer has not

In reality, Pfizer has not said a word to its employees over this. Nothing of any substance, anyway. No one is fooled anymore. Not the market, not the media, not the staff and certainly not the target. Welcome to the merry dance of multinational shenanigans. No doubt, calls will be made, furtive meetings will occur, nothing will be said. And it will all go quiet. And then one day, probably in October, we will all awake to the news that AZ has accepted a bid from Pfizer. For many, the only uncertainty will be the price.

According to Reuters today,

According to Reuters today, Pfizer is abandoning its takeover attempt of AZ. I wonder how many man-hours of postings here about the takeover and projected consequences were made in vain. OK now: Everyone back to work !!

If you stop abusing the OP,

If you stop abusing the OP, the internal spin on this will be fascinating given another approach could happen in six months

??? Obviouse and very attempt

??? Obviouse and very attempt to redirect the subject . Go back to sweeping them lab floors and don't play with the bosses laptop, you only show your ignorance. Leave these sites to the grown ups.

Let's see how they try and

Let's see how they try and swing this, it's all BS but they are going to try. Their days are now numbered do it will be fun to watch them squirm.

Stop replying to your own

Stop replying to your own psychologically deranged bullshit you infantile retard.

You trusted them to begin

You trusted them to begin with? C'mon, if you're willing to put up with the BS in order to make a living (and it is a good wage while you're there), you have to understand the game. They owe you no loyalty and in exchange you owe them none. Make sure you're getting the experience and publications you need to move on to your next job in this inbred community and you'll be fine.

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