Siemens DX is far from ending its employee layoff schedule and it's rumored most sites will once again be hit before end of 2012.
USA-Sacramento was just hit and we in the UK were told pending layoffs will start here by next week.
The madness continues.

There is also a Robins (one

There is also a Robins (one 'b') AFB south of Macon, apparently. Landing there and going to Atlanta would be the same as landing at Hartfield since, in both cases, the motorcade would be coming into Atlanta from the south.

Next time, try walking. It's much better for your health.

We should have a vote here. Which is more important to discuss? The politics of an election or traffic issues of an election ... or neither?

I stand corrected, there is a

I stand corrected, there is a Dobbins AFB near Atlanta.

1. It's Dobbins AFB 2. It's

1. It's Dobbins AFB
2. It's not in Atlanta, it's in Fair Oaks, GA (near Marietta - 20 miles NW of Atlantan
3. Driving from Dobbins AFB into Atlanta would probably cause just as many traffic problems as driving from Hartsfield Airport.

This tangent is much ado about nothing. How about talking about Coke, New Coke, Coke II, and Classic Coke; the brilliant marketing strategy that Coke took when they wanted to replace cane sugar with corn syrup. Now that was what good companies do to manage change.

Isn't it Robbins Air Force

Isn't it Robbins Air Force Base, not Dobbins ?

Never underestimate the

Never underestimate the idiocy of the Americn voter. Remember, as you go through life, that half the people in the world are below average.

whine, whine, whine, If you

whine, whine, whine, If you live in the Atlanta area and commute everyday, you should be used to traffic! Geez. What about when they shut down lanes of traffic on the weekend?! Or when they have conventions and baseball games the same day and week! I hate to state the obvious but life is an inconvenience, so dry your tears and stop whining.

What idiot would not vote for a candidate or president just because he comes to town and you have to be inconvenienced in traffic?

Blame the Secret Service.

Blame the Secret Service. Blame the campaign managers who schedule their candidates' time. Also consider it to be a small sacrifice you have to make for liberty. Someone has to be inconvenienced once in a while if candidates are to campaign in public. Happens a few time every four years or so. If it's really that bad for you, I sugges relocating to a less urban area.

This was an embarrassment to

This was an embarrassment to our city. Shutting down 75 in ATL during RUSH HOUR? Dobbins AFB is practically next to Cobb Energy. Using it could have saved me and many others a lot of wasted time coming home from work today. What were the DOT / Highway Patrol / Romney / Ryan groups thinking? I hope they raised a lot of money because I bet that lost an awful lot of votes!!

Exact same thing happened when Obama came to Atlanta in March and decided to land at ATL at 5:30 pm. I mean, really? The world's busiest airport at that time of day? Of course the whole airport shuts down. And then in the middle of rush-hour traffic, they shut down exits all along the interstate so that POTUS can get to Tyler Perry's house for a fundraiser. That was a super fun night for me because 1) I work at the Coca Cola and 2) I had to drive home in that hideous traffic. Why couldn't he just fly into Dobbins ARB?????

Don't worry. Chicken and

Don't worry. Chicken and pork chops are on sale this week. Too bad you can't afford the gas to get to the supermarket.

Does any of this relate to Siemens?

GAS $4.00/gallon 100 miles

GAS $4.00/gallon 100 miles north of NYC :-(

Quarter ended with no

Quarter ended with no fireworks I guess. LA, Tarrytown ?

Wait for Nov.8th.
Siemens will start laying out their plan for layoffs.

From what hear they've

From what hear they've already laid off a bunch that they are letting reinterview for their jobs.
Sounds like fun!

What is the latest about

What is the latest about Siemens Diagnostics or DX I guess?

Quarter ended with no fireworks I guess. LA, Tarrytown ?

Reminds me of the quote:

Reminds me of the quote: "When I die I want to go like my grandfather did (in his sleep) and not like the screaming passengers in his car" ;-)

Oh I get it. It's a kind of

Oh I get it. It's a kind of play on words. You can read it like "oh, I'm down the gym and I an going to show you a really good technique in how to chat up a girl and "pick her up" so to speak. Then again, taken literally, he demonstrates how to "pick her up". i.e. Lifting her off the ground as we can see. It's incredible how it can mislead you.You really have to very careful how you read and hear things. For example, my ex girlfriend went to the doctors once, he told her that she had acute angina. She thanked him and added that her tits were pretty impressive too. See what I mean?

I have decided to go to

I have decided to go to another thread concerning the layoffs. They say women are drama! These bozos and their nonsense are way more high maintenance/drama than any female I have ever known. Good luck with your bad ass attitude. I am outahere.

What used to be an

What used to be an interesting thread has gone down the tubes.

"A saint with no more

"A saint with no more credibility here. You've been exposed."

Really? It's that processor again.

If I am secure in my future retirement, what exactly would be the reason I care so much about Obama and the crazy liberals; Reid, Pelosi, Frank, Dodd, Unless they figure a way to steal my critical mass and bring me down to just the SS benefits I will get for working for someone else for a few decades, I'm pretty sure I'll have full control over the financial aspect of my life. Shouldn't I just go have Corona's at the beach? Maybe I will soon, and forget this rat race stuff I no longer need. But it's hard to release the grip on the things I spent my whole life making successful, so I'll ride it a bit more. But what else do I care about? Unlike liberals trying to make a more "fair" country by taking from the wealthier and giving to the ones who have less, I'm trying to help the ones really making an effort, to have less trouble from government intervention. Just stay out of our way please! We are the ones government needs, to drive developement and innovation in a hypercompetitive world. My endeavors unfortunately are not groundbreakers that will change the world, but a small %-tage of us ( Facebook, Google, McDonalds) will come up with something that has impact, and the more we get encouragement from government, the better the chance we will have to contribute. Actually I feel like I'm talking to a doorknob here because there is no hope of you being changed because of YOUR racial bias. After finally quiting Siemens LA to fully work full time on my own stuff, I have followed this site because it was my last link to the working world and I did like a lot of people at LA and wanted to know if Siemens would finally kill them off.....sadly. But the site turned into a political debate which I found interesting, but since realizing that my primary antagonist was "not a Black man", it seems like a lost cause and I'm losing interest. I really hope your guy loses for the good of the country, but I must say I did find the lively debate entertaining for awhile.

What a saint you are. A saint

What a saint you are.

A saint with no more credibility here. You've been exposed.

Europe sucks

Europe sucks



Yes I sure am frustrated, trying to get younger people to vote the idiot out of office for their own good. You see sir, you read things wrong because the "processor" in that head of yours is not functioning correctly. Not that you being liberal is so wrong, I understand that bcause I was that way when young also. I felt the world was not fair, the playing table not level, and the spoiled rich kids bugged me to no end. But ya know what? I grew up, pulled the pants up higher, and dug my nose into a lot of things determined to make it on my own. You know what I found out? Despite all the trouble the government causes small business owners, this is still a greta country for those willing to put in tremendous effort in order to succeed. And if government goes in the direction of rewarding the hard working and not the slovenly, more folks would make the effort. But with increasing taxes and regulations, it just discourages to many young folk, whonow have it even tougher than I did because regulations especially have become more of an issue. Frustrated? yes but not for my well being, I am frightened for the country and the shrinking opportunities for young people.......yes especially the grandkids.

"....If I was really black, I

"....If I was really black, I wouldn't be posting here -- I'd be getting all of my brothers to come after you, to burn down your house...."


No need for that. Siemens is

No need for that. Siemens is doing a mighty fine job all by themselves. From number 1 to number 4? And you think this thread had something to do with that?

I find it rather funny that

I find it rather funny that the Siemens DX social media team is spending their time trying to derail this thread rather than attempting to interact with their customers.

Of course its also plausible that rival companies are simply stirring the pot in an attempt further bring down the name of Siemens dx

Oh, c'mon now. Surely you

Oh, c'mon now. Surely you want to tell us about the things that Mormons believe. But basically you are right. Religion does bring alot of comfort to people and, until the advent of serious science, served as an effective way to explain that which man could not yet understand in the world around him. However, the tradeoff was to create a class of rulers to whom people would swear allegiance in one way or another and allowed to rulers to become rich in many cases, but more importantly, gave the rulers control of much of their lives and, even willingly, gave up their personal freedom.

Can you imagine at all what this thread would be like if the discussion was about religion instead of politics. The people vs. God and his earthly powerful representatives or the people vs. the government they created and can still control if they so desire.

After that we can move on to sports and, saving the best for last, sex. Let's get all the contraversies going in here. We already have socialists, liberals, intelligensia, reactionaries, no-nothings, racists so let's bring in the atheists and agnostics and everyone else and have a real old fashioned free-for-all.

Who gives a shit, Christians

Who gives a shit, Christians believe in a holy ghost, a virgin who's a mother, and they worship a corpse on a cross. Jews believe God killed all the firstborn of the ancient Egyptians, Moses split a huge body of water in half with his hands, and it was a good thing that God killed all of Job's friends and family so that he could prove a point to the devil. Hindus believe we are all reborn as other animals, and one of their gods is an elephant man with four arms. Muslims believe... well lets not even get started. Scientologists believe they are related to dead aliens that were killed by an alien general a billion years ago. So in the end who cares what religions teach, they're all crazy!

Obviously race is an issue

Obviously race is an issue with you and that makes you a racist. Were you trying to imply earlier that black people have nothing to do with Siemens? You claim to be a small businessman (emphasis on the word 'small'), so what are you doing here at a Siemens site? Just rabblerousing? Just spreading your filth and hatred? What is your business anyway? Do you sell toilet paper to Siemens or provide bathroom cleanup services? Either one would be appropriate for someone like you who is living in a world that ended a century ago.

Despite all you say and claim, you are the antithesis of what America is all about. If I was really black, I wouldn't be posting here -- I'd be getting all of my brothers to come after you, to burn down your house and to take your women as our slaves. (I'm sure that is one of your biggest, yet unfounded, fears).


You are as "not Black" as I

You are as "not Black" as I am "not White", so why get so mad, we are even.

Go away racist jerk. Is this

Go away racist jerk. Is this site restricted to 'white only'? Are you suggesting that there be a Black Rumour Mill too?

Do you have another $10,000 to bet on the color of my skin? I'll take that bet any time since I am in control of the facts here, and I can't lose on that bet.

Maybe I should offer up another $10,000 to bet on whether your heart is as black in reality as it appears to be here.

Maybe you haven't gotten the news yet. You lost the civil war; you lost on the slavery issue; and you lost more of your privileged status from the 1960 civil rights legislation. You must be getting sick and tired of being on the losing side all the time. No wonder you are so frustrated.

Crawl back into your hole, evil sicko.

You people really have a

You people really have a processing problem.

I'm curious, why does a Black dude that has no business with Siemens LA, have interests initially in posting on a diagnostics thread like this one?

You are amazing at your

You are amazing at your ability to find excuses for everything. Yes, 9/11 happened and yes, it threw a monkey wrench into the American economy. And yes, we had to go get the people responsible. And yes, that costs money.

The real issue is that Bush and his Republican majority lived in a fantasy world where they somehow believed that we could go to war for free. 9/11 was an unexpected event ... maybe like your home furnace blowing up or just dying. In both cases, there is a cost to set things right. And Bush and his Republican allies in Congress just went along fat, dumb, and happy and were unwilling to ask the American people to pay for it .... now ... they just were happy to pile it on top of the existing national debt. And on top of that, they passed an additional tax cut in 2003 that just heaped more debt upon us all.

I never argued against the war on terror. I only argued that it was an expense, however unanticipated, that had to be paid for. I guess the idea of making sacrifices for one's country doesn't extend to the wealthy when it comes to Republican philosophy. The just borrow, borrow, borrow and spend. What would have been so wrong with saying after 9/11: The world has changed, we now have a war on our hands, and, once again, the American people will need to sacrifice a bit for the good of the country ... and ... to that end, we propose to reverse the 2001 Bush tax cuts, perhaps even increase some tax rates as necessary until we win BOTH of the wars we are in: the one against terrorist and the war on the national debt. Once we deal with both of those issues, we can discuss lowering taxes again. Don't even bother to answer, becuase I know what you are going to say: Doing what I proposed would have killed the luxury yacht business in America!!

You only presented half of the story which is about what I'd expect from your half-fast mind. Your first name wouldn't just happen to be Rudy, would it? Mr. noun, verb, and 9/11 indeed.

"You have the nerve to bring

"You have the nerve to bring up the Clinton peace dividend, as you call it. Well, tell us, Mr.Racist, what happened to it? "

September 11, 2001 You dumb puck.

"That's not what Islam is

"That's not what Islam is about."

Is this more of your ignorant racism? Must be. I suppose you just ignore some of the incredibly stupid and irrational things that some of the Evangelical ministers have been saying. There are religious extremists in every religion who don't represent the majority. They have clearly said that they not only want to convert people to their flock, but they also want to 'convert' (subvert?) out Government into an arm of their religion. These are the ones who keep saying this is a Christian nation. Maybe they have a different version of the Constitution than the rest of us. Be they radical Muslims, Jews, Catholics, or Protestants, or any other relgious zealots, they are forces that must be opposed regardless of what religious cloak they wear. But to claim or believe that the radical outliers are fully representative of their religion is equally crazy.

Since there now appear to be more than one racist right wing radical here, I will leave you to debate each other to see which one can out do the other with your hatred and bigotry.

Hope y'all had a nice time in Church today. Did you remember to hand over your 10% to the collection plate?

More of your diversions, I

More of your diversions, I see. And another opportunity for anoher race-based comment. Still no response to my four issues. You have the nerve to bring up the Clinton peace dividend, as you call it. Well, tell us, Mr.Racist, what happened to it? As I recall, we had a choice of paying down the national debt or lowering taxes and what did the Republican controlled House, Senate and White House choose? They basically said: screw the national debt; our ruling rich benefactors need more tax breaks and we can justify it by throwing a small bone to the lower classes in the form of a small little tax cut just to keep the masses off our backs.

Suppose you had a large credit card debt and were working two jobs, working 12 hours a day. Finally, you see some light and you can pay off more than you charge each month? Would you quit your second job and lower you income so you start building up more debt, or would you continue both jobs until your debt was paid off? And where there all the jobs that the tax cut was supposed to create?

It's bad enough you have no answers to this simple question. Now we find out you're a racist too. I bet your grand-daughters will be real proud of their grandfather once they find out what you are, or worse yet, they might follow in you footsteps.



1. Bush tax cuts
2. 2 unfunded wars
3. Unfunded Medicare Part D.
(4) Reagan's Star Wars project

Remember: Might want to re-focus.
2) Viet Nam war funded with money from the Social Security Lock box.
4) peace dividend that Clinton enjoyed.

90%+ of Afro Americans voted for Obama mainly because they felt he was most qualified.
Believe that and I have a bridge to sell you.

If Afro Americans would quit blindly following the Rev Jackson, Sharpton, and Wright they would be a lot better off.

My prediction; If Romney

My prediction;

If Romney wins.

Riots in:


Anybody want to add to this list ?


That's not what Islam is

That's not what Islam is about. Stupid or smart, they are being taught that theirs is the most current update from "God" - Allah - and that the whole world belongs entirely to them. It is their duty to reconquer all territory that has once been under Muslim rule, and it is their duty to spread Islam. There can never be an acceptance of non-Muslim values and, as the Turkish PM said: "The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers" - Granted, he was reciting a poem from 1912, but the purpose and intent of reciting it in front of a huge congregation of Turks living in Germany is clear: The times of Kemal Ataturk are over, we're not only heading straight into another round of Dark Ages, we're already sitting right in the middle of it.

You have lost all credibility

You have lost all credibility here. Go peddle your racism elsewhere.

Well, I can see why you would

Well, I can see why you would be angry but, really I did not bring up the Black organization post. i think you confuse me w/ about 3-4 other conservative politico's posting here. I am the one who calls you Dataman.

Nice try racist. YOU brought

Nice try racist. YOU brought up race with that stupid black organization post. And since you are wrong about everything else, you were wrong about me being a young white guy and you are wrong about me being black, for whatever that is worth. The simple fact that you just think I'm black and therefore have certain attributes such as being liberal, Democrat, socialist, lazy, freeloader, etc. just confirms even more what a racist you are. You've spent weeks here categorizing everyone who disagrees with you as a socialist, communist, freeloader and now it's obvious that you classify people by race. And THAT makes you a racist !!!!

I am now convinced you are a complete idiot. You may run a successful small business, but you are one of those self-centered, me-me-me-generation racists that are a stain on the entire history, beliefs, and culture of the American people. And, on top of all that, you still find room in your (lack of) character to be a coward as well. You bring up the racist non-sense, then deny you are one, then come back and say that I must be black as if that mattered to anyone other than a racist, then you deny your racism again. No wonder you like Romney so much. You both seem to know how to wiggle like the worms that you are.

OK, I'm a little low

OK, I'm a little low sometimes (go ahead and laugh) but I finally got it. You are a black dude and that is why trying to convice you to get on our side is like talking to a doorknob. You will vote for Obama no matter what because he is BLACK right? Yeesh, I finally got it. You had me assuning you were a liberal young White guy, so race never entered my head until now, but I think you have it a bit wrong----you have been exposed, not the rest of us. I honestly didn't even think about your race, so guess who is more racist; the guy who doesn't even give it a thought or the guy who boils it down to the other sides convictions as due solely to race. You my brother are typical of the Black mindset. Everything that goes against you is based on race, and everything you cannot attain is based on race. Forget all arguments I've put forth because I'll agree with you on one thing; race is the issue with you, and nothing else matters.

Dude, or dudessa, you've been

Dude, or dudessa, you've been exposed for what you are.

Enough said.

Obama could be black, white,

Obama could be black, white, green or blue. He's the worst thing this Country needs to have for another 4 years.
I don't care if you're a Republican, Democrat or Independent.
If he wins you'll just have another four years of pain and your kids will pay the price for it.

Enough is enough. Romney might not be the perfect fit for what we need but he's the best choice for a better future.
A better future for you and your children.

It's all Obama's fault.

It's all Obama's fault. Obama is black. Get it? The racist mentality is hard to hide. Sooner or later it emerges as it has here.

What the hell does the huge

What the hell does the huge fed. deficit have to do with race?

Hint: It's not a 'got' that

Hint: It's not a 'got' that goes both ways. It's a low form of life that belongs in an earlier century.

What is bigot? A strange

What is bigot? A strange word.

Hey, bigot. Just save your

Hey, bigot. Just save your racist ideas for your next KKK meeting. You can talk about all those black groups at your next cross burning you fascist pig.

"I wonder who are the

"I wonder who are the racists?"

More ignorance. Don't you get it? All of those 'white' organizations already exist. They consider themselves to be the 'normal' group and have no need to include the word 'white' in the name of the group. Why do you think they have 'black news'. Because all the 'regular' news is white !! Why do you think they have black history month? Because most of what is taught in our schools is the white history of the United States.

Now ask yourself the following question:

IF you asked the average American to guess which party has the most of the following, what answer would you get?

Pro forced deportation of illegal immigrants (a completely impractical approach from both a political and practical point of view)
Anti-Social Security
Anti-Welfare of any kind
Pro-voter suppression
Anti-birth control
Anti-equal pay for women
More likely pro-war than pro-diplomacy/negotiation
Anti-regulation of all sorts
Anti-science (pro-Bible)
Anti-civil rights (want repeal of civil rights laws from the '60s)
Favor using the Bible (whatever version they choose) as the basis of our civil government
Pro-military (give DOD anything they want and MORE)
People who cloak themselves in the flag to 'prove' they are right
People who think they are better than others simply because they are American citizens (preferably native born, white, and Protestant - the 'ideal' American)

That should cover most of whatever friends you have. Nice company you keep, insensitive bigot. And I bet you actually believe you are a nice person and totally unbigoted. People like you can fools yourselves, but the rest of us know exactly what you are. We don't need to 'wonder' about people like you. You are all too obvious.

More stupid diversion. 1.

More stupid diversion.

1. Bush tax cuts
2. 2 unfunded wars
3. Unfunded Medicare Part D
(4) Reagan's Star Wars project

Focus, if you can.


As for your lovely grand-daughters: I'm sure that the inheritance you leave to them is well deserved. All they had to do was to be born into your family. Talk about self-reliance vs. entitlement. Don't you see how your wealth will do nothing for your little princesses except that it's ok to be a freeloader and to have wealth that you did nothing to earn. Good way to teach your descendents a good work ethic and values.

But, remember: FOCUS

1. Bush tax cuts
2. 2 unfunded wars
3. Unfunded Medicare Part D
(4) Reagan's Star Wars project

This message will be repeated ad nauseum until answered. I can't wait to see how you find a way to blame Obama for the above 4 major (if not majority) contributors to our national debt.


1. Bush tax cuts
2. 2 unfunded wars
3. Unfunded Medicare Part D.
(4) Reagan's Star Wars project

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