Siemens DX is far from ending its employee layoff schedule and it's rumored most sites will once again be hit before end of 2012.
USA-Sacramento was just hit and we in the UK were told pending layoffs will start here by next week.
The madness continues.

Oops; correction; "....there


correction; "....there is no proof that we on this train are in any eminent danger....."

Maybe obvious to you, but

Maybe obvious to you, but you're very wrong.

There are so many Siemens threads here that you needn't bother with this one if you want any information or rumours. This thread should be left to the Buick guy and to me to whatever extent I wish to comment on his lies and re-writing of history. To the extent that I decline to do so, you can just see the Buick guy's monologue of doom from his magical crystal ball. I wonder if he uses his predictive skills to be on sports events. If he was any good at it, he'd probably be able to afford a new car by now.

Look at the writing style,

Look at the writing style, word choices, and sentence structures. It's obvious that the same guy is writing both sides of this "argument". And when you take a look at how fast some of the "responses" are it looks like he's got a stack of these written up ahead of time so that he can play sockpuppet.
You need another hobby there, Sparky. This one is just kind of ... sad.

Clever way to hush any

Clever way to hush any rumors. Post so much crap that he thread is masked by rants.

Weird stuff going on in this

Weird stuff going on in this thread... Why doesn't everyone just go out and have a few beers, and chill for some time? Can't hurt, unless you drink too many and drive afterwards...

The issue with DS wasn't

The issue with DS wasn't competence. While it's true that he contributed nothing technically for 30+ years, his real talent was ruining the careers of his colleagues, backstabbing anyone who disagreed with him, and being one of the most creative engineers when it came to finding reasons that things couldn't be done. DS, more than any other individual was responsible for the decline of Tarrytown and the transition from a company that dominated clinical chemistry to one that is a minor player today. Given his meanness, one can only hope that his pasture is filled with cow pies.

DS is out to pasture. But

DS is out to pasture. But done worry, his protege is very incompetent. I hope for Siemens sake CM removes this person before more damage is done and careers are ruined. THEN Siemens stands a chance of building new instruments.

What happened to D.S from

What happened to D.S from Siemens @ Tarrytown ?

just like the day never

just like the day never understands the darkness of the night.

No one here works for

No one here works for Siemens. Those people left a long time ago.

There are those who work for Siemens, but it sounds like very few work at Siemens. Nothing there seems to be getting done.

if you guys are so smart, why

if you guys are so smart, why are you working for Siemens?

Yes, you are right.

Yes, you are right.

What else would we expect

What else would we expect from you than SIMPLE arithmetic or SIMPLE anything else?

I've often suspected your name is Simon and not Simon Templar.

Roger and out.

(You should be old enough to get that one too; in fact you're certainly 'moore' than old enough).

OK. That makes sense. You

OK. That makes sense. You should run for office.

Hopeless Useless


Man them jokas was big! size

Man them jokas was big! size of a quarter dog gone! KAPOOYA, KAOOPYA.

raise the tax rate to 75% and

raise the tax rate to 75% and then I want to hear all of you libs crying, I say take your money

because they are stupid

because they are stupid

They weren't rumours. They

They weren't rumours. They were cuts that Siemens announced and I believe they did so publically. They may have done well enough last year to be able to cut back on the layoffs.

Why are people so quick to jump to conclusions?

All the rumors last year

All the rumors last year about a big layoff -- didn't materialize. YOu have lost your credibility.

Say goodbye to Israel. You

Say goodbye to Israel. You will have only yourselves to blame.Long live the Iranian revolution!

Wow !!! The truth must

Wow !!! The truth must really hurt. All these posts about Adam Smith being flagged. Someone must be getting through and someone must be feeling the pain of the truth.

Should I just save you the trouble and self-flag this post too?

Siemens, the layoffs, the

Siemens, the layoffs, the last question, some other specific post, or the entire thread?

Is there an 'appropriate' standard or review committee or have you just appointed yourself censor in chief?

Any layoffs in Tarrytown ?

Any layoffs in Tarrytown ?

"True,at 2150 there was

"True,at 2150 there was definitely something going on,"

Yup; big blood clot in leg viewed with the ultrasound scan. .. now on warfarin (a.k.a. rat poison)

Getting old --- well these things happen.

True,at 2150 there was

True,at 2150 there was definitely something going on,

"Is the Zionist racist

"Is the Zionist racist director of systems engineering AG still there...."

AG ? sure you do not mean DS ?

250/500 no matter 2150 was

250/500 no matter 2150 was way above.

Is the Zionist racist

Is the Zionist racist director of systems engineering AG still there. I swear god that he never went to school.

Depends on the cutoff, which

Depends on the cutoff, which should be determined by each lab. Depending on the methodology I'm more familiar with a 500 cutoff.

My D-Dimer reading was 2150.

My D-Dimer reading was 2150. I understand anything over 250 indicates a clot somewhere .

D-Dimer; I was just curious


I was just curious as I had one done on Saturday, then they went to ultrasound imaging. YUP, I had a big clot in my leg. Quite painful.

Now they have me on blood thinners.

Interesting point -- the technician who drew the blood worked with me at Technicon -- 20 years ago ...

D-Dimer is actually a

D-Dimer is actually a chemistry test that is run under the coag umbrella.It is a rule out/rule in test that will not tell you if you have a clot, but will tell you if you don't. It is usually run as a precursor to expensive imaging tests.The quality of the test varies between manufacturer's, that's where you have to do some research.

D-dimer: http://healthengine.


If this is not sufficient, just google 'd-dimer'. You will find many articles about the test, its usefulness, and how it is conducted.

Was there something specific about the test that you wanted to discuss? From what I see, it is pretty straightforward and nowhere near controversial enough to warrant a posting on this raucous thread.

You haven't a clue, do you?

You haven't a clue, do you? Unemployment insurance existed long before Obama, as did food stamps. You are correct that large amounts of money were paid out for unemployment and food stamps under President Obama. So naturally, your little racist mind blames Obama.

Why don't you blame the guy who put all those people out of work and left the mess for Obama to clean up? You have a long litany of complaints against liberals, don't you? The problem with the right wing is that they refuse to take any responsibility for anything they ever did. They take zero responsibility for the housing crisis for which they were, at least if not more, repsonsible than Democrats (yes, Virginia, BOTH parties are responsible), you take zero responsibility for starting wars that you didn't want to pay for (remember that Bush-Cheney thing about how Iraq would pay for our war by giving us cheap or free oil?), no responsibility for two tax cuts, mostly for the rich, rather than the alternative which was to continue to pay down the national debt (remember we were running a surplus when Bush took office), and no responsibility for an unpaid for drug plan.

When you belong to a party that refuses to take any responsibility for anything and seems to exist for the sole purpose of blaming others, it should not surprise you that you continue to lose national elections. Republican candidates and office holders continue to play to the Republican base and are too blind to see how much that base has shrunk into a small group of old, white, racist men. You are far closer to being a 'legitimate' version of the Ku Klux Klan than you are to the Republican Party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt. Yes, folks, the Klan has gone mainstream now and call themselves Republicans.

How about some serious

How about some serious talk.

D-Dimer test for blood clots.

Anybody know how this works, is tested? Is it a Hematology test or a chemical test? Or something different?


"And you right winger just

"And you right winger just can't take it, can you?"

Obama was good for people; very, very good if fact for people who were laid off in the recession (99 weeks unemployment, COBRA extensons, etc), people not paying their underwater mortgages (legislation that heavily favored the ones with the least responsible behavior), UAW union members (virtualy all their interests were preserved), welfare recipients ( Obama phones, food stamp cards not the embarrasing stamps), Boomer generation SS recipients (this one includes me), etc., etc.

The trouble is, we were all beficiaries because money was forwarded so all of this could be kept intact in order to avoid a much deeper recession. It all sounds great doesn't it? It sure is good for me because all I have to do to collect a ton of benefits, is to simply stay alive. In the case of SS, it didn'yt matter much who was in office, but Obama certainly had no intention of correcting the balance sheets in his two terms.

What happens if interest rates take a hike and the US government cannot pay the interest on the enormous Federal debt? And we are talking about the future generations paying the vast bulk of theses encumberances, along with the current youngsters. I feel sad that our generation has squeezed the last drops of easy blood from the money turnip. Of course you all voted the master mind of this looming long term (perpetual?) problem,but I cannot help feel a bit guilty for being inthe middle of it. At least I voted my conscience, and will leave heirs a fighting chance to live a decent life if they choose wisely. Charity donations will also be made admittedly, because of generational guilt. But I will do everything in my power to keep any of it away from the Feds......that would be money down a black hole.

What's good for the goose is

What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

And you right winger just can't take it, can you?


LOSERS with nothing to offer except anger and hatred.

We liberals love you. Everything you do makes us just look better.




We are the Champions, We are the Champions, No time for losers



Comments like these reflect the current state of affairs......I'll let you guys fill in what "affairs" are being refered to. Still, for a liberal denying the wish of his like to reboot wealth distribution in this country, is very bazaaaar don't you think? That is the assumed mindset of the liberal left, and even they will not deny this.........all except for one that is.

For the previous post about

For the previous post about the advanced full retirement age, I'm pretty sure it was in the Clinton/Bush timeframe when it was increased for those born after 1947 or so, to 66 and 67 years for full retirement depending on actual birth date. I'm not sure of any of these dates as they are just approximations.

And yes, while I worry about even my kids, the ones I really worry about the future for, are the grandkids. They are the ones that I think may really feel the pinch. Too many things are converging at their adult time frames that really does worry me. I'll just try not to dwell, but Obama and his policies have just put such a spotlight on future liabilities that it just got my engine going......and it keeps onrunning in that direction.

I have never seen anyone who

I have never seen anyone who can consistently add 2 and 2 and wind up with 5. How do you get from what I posted to the government taking away all of your precious money and wealth? You assume everything, don't you? What I say or don't say is completely irrelevant to you. And as usual, you make no sense whatsoever. I have no idea how you get from inheritances to creativity, inventiveness, or an entrapreneurial capability. It doesn't matter either. Your mind is closed and it is not worth opening. So just sit around in your miserable retirement, and let yourself be tormented by the fact that you guys lost the election and the ideas you supported were rejected by the voters despite all your attempts at voter suppression. If anything, your attempts to take the vote away from your fellow Americans just added to your stunning defeat (I say stunning, not in terms of the actual numbers, bad as they were for you, but in terms of what should have been given the state of the economy). And the liberals will just laugh at you as your minority continues to shrink and people see you for what you are. And no one will be laughing at you harder than I.


We are the Champions, We are the Champions, No time for losers



I must add that something has

I must add that something has mysteriously happened to our educational system or perhaps it's something in the water; kids these days just do not seem to have the creativity to be able to think out of the box or at least have the drive to persevere long enough to figure out solutions. I worry about my sons ability all the time to carry the weight of the families legacy, so I plan to sell off a good part of the families business and give them a more manageable entity. It just seems like at their ages I was able to endure greater stress and responsibilities, but maybe that's just an old mans view, I admit it.

"Yes, I know it's your money

"Yes, I know it's your money and you can do what you want with it, but that doesn't mean that things you do with it are moral or intelligent or right....."

This is what I mean folks; to the liberal, rich peoples money is "wiser given" to the government so it can be re-distributed to folks who have entire family trees with nary a single person contributing significantly to society in any way. My heirs are being carefully groomed to manage and prosper in the real world, which is getting nastier day by day. They are being entrusted with the family legacy, so that they and their kids will be self sufficient as much as possible. Do I worry? Every single freaking day, I do. So they are being educated financially just like a post grad........higher and higher levels of knowledge to carry on the tradition. What, do you think that the Getty's, Hearst's, Buffet's, etc. and their heirs were not good for this country? Lets say that the original founders of the families businesses all followed Mr. liberal's brilliant thesis, and gave away their entire estates to the Federal government to re-distribute. Do any of you really think America advances past the horse plow stage? It is the entrepreneurial spirit allong with American ingenuity that has made this country what it is, not liberal politics looking to re-distribute wealth. Brilliance and hard work gets rewarded in this country inter-generationally and not just intra-generationally, and if this was not so, we would be more like Somalia.........but do not expect the Mr. liberals of the world to have any grasp of these very basic concepts because polluted and brain washed minds never do concepts well.

Yeah, I read that part, too.

Yeah, I read that part, too. It in now way changes my thoughts on the negative teachings of inheritances and how they are just another (and worse) way to encourage an attitude of entitlement. Why did I say worse? Because with government entitlements, most people have to contribute something like ante-ing up to the kitty in a poker game; with an inheritance you only have to outlive your parents and not piss them off too much. Government entitlements are at least something for something; inheritance is a gift for doing nothing and is far more of an anathema to me.

This is just my own personal opinion; it is not a left or right wing political thing. It's more along the lines of 'spare the rod and spoil the child'.

(I'd just love to be a fly on the wall to see what charities you dontate to and how you divide your vast wealth between charity and your no-need-to-work-for-it-because-you-have-a-sugar-daddy children and grandchildren.)

Did you read his complete

Did you read his complete statement ?
Seems like you missed this line about leaving some to charity.

How ironic that conservatives

How ironic that conservatives yell and scream about things like unemployment insurance, medicare, medicaid, and social security as unnecessary entitlements that only cause people to be lazy and not want to work. These are the same people who talk so proudly about leaving large financial legacies to their children which do exactly the same thing. From a recipient's point of view, it doesn't matter where unearned money comes from. At least payments from the government come from previous contributions from recipients in the form of various taxes they pay. In contrast, receiving an inheritance requires nothing more than being born and is even a worse offender when it comes to entitlement mentality and a feeling that there is no need to work when one can just lay back and wait for their benefactor parents to die.

What the hell kind of message are you sending to your children by giving them a large inheritance for having done nothing?

(Yes, I know it's your money and you can do what you want with it, but that doesn't mean that things you do with it are moral or intelligent or right.)

Seeing some action again on

Seeing some action again on these pages -- good. How is Tarrytown doing ?

Is anyone out there who knows when they changed the retirement ages from 65 to their staggered ages that they presently are?

Well I hit 66 the first half of 2014 and as someone said earlier, $2,000+ a month. Presently I'm semi retired, just working when the business comes in.

30 years........... and

30 years........... and Medicare is in far worse shape.

Many said the same thing about the Euro sector and the USSR.
Don't kid yourself, sheet happens.

As the racist prophet of doom

As the racist prophet of doom walks slowly off into the sunset. And we are not afraid of the lies comes from your scared little mind.

Buh bye.

After doing my return, some

After doing my return, some things come to mind; how much indeed, I have to pay the state and federal is a huge chunk since I do not cheat, and even after using every write off legally allowed. It just kills the initiative, so it has forced me to consider hanging it up at my age......and I will. So another thought comes to mind; ~$2,000 dollars a month in SS benefits (it could be more) and if I live for another 20 years (no high blood pressure even w/o meds, correct BMI and no family history of cancer, etc.; although I'll have to exercise more), that means collecting almost a half million dollars! Do you young folk really think that this is not going to affect YOUR bebefits when the time comes? And the greatest surge in baby boomer retirees is just starting to unfold, so do the third grade math; a half million dollars X the number of baby boomers who live 20 years after will be a staggering amount to comprehend. Given that your hero Obama has mortgaged the entire equity of this country for eternity, how in the hell do you think future benefits can possibly be funded? And my calculations were w/o factoring in the expected COLA increases. Obama has really F----'d you people good........congratulations for putting him in office. Just remember what was posted here, 30 years from now when all hell breaks loose.

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