Siemens DX is far from ending its employee layoff schedule and it's rumored most sites will once again be hit before end of 2012.
USA-Sacramento was just hit and we in the UK were told pending layoffs will start here by next week.
The madness continues.

Justified wars still need to

Justified wars still need to be paid for. The highest marginal tax during WWII was 91 % !. Borrow and spend republicans believe that they could have guns and butter. They just run up the tab and then turn around and blame the other side.

Wasn't it the republicans that opposed our entry into WWII? Weren't republicans the isolationists and American Firsters?

Someone here is either ignorant or a liar or both.

"....two unfunded

"....two unfunded wars,......"

Well the first war was totally qualified, the Iraqi war justifiably wrongheaded. Like I said I agree that Bush was very wrong on this decision, but he was wrong about the intelligence data; there was no "lying". After all Clinton and of all people Kerry also voted for the war effort. Do you know why? They also were fooled by the incorrect CIA data, so call them liars also.

As for the first war, nations do what they need to do to protect themselves against attack and further is the only language thugs understand. The next time you get mugged on the street, try and reason with the thug about how wrong he is to steal from you, or even hurt you. Me, if it were legal, I'd rather have a gun to blow him away if he gets too close.

I suppose, liberal guy, you would have had the USA try o reason with Hitler in WWII so that we would not have been involved. Sure would have been nice for the USA correct? Would have saved hundreds of thousands of American lives. There wouldn't be a single Jew left in Europe or perhaps the Old World either because the Germans could have easily won the war on the continent. The only refuge for the Jews might have then been the USA, sommething a lot of us would rather not happen.

Don't forget the unfunded

Don't forget the unfunded Medicare Part D, the republicans gift of taxpayer dollars to the drug companies. Another example of borrow and spend republicans. Gotta give 'em credit though. Two tax cuts, two unfunded wars, and an unfunded drug program and they still manage to blame it all on democrats. They should be more honest and call themselves the chutzbah party.

The classic example of chutzbah is the person who murders both parents and then asks the court for mercy and the grounds that he's an orphan.

The republicans not only

The republicans not only created the tax hike they also funded a war on credit we are now paying for.
Weapons of mass destruction?
Yeah, they're hidden here somewhere.

"I said that Republicans

"I said that Republicans wrote legislation in the early 2000's that created tax rate cuts. They also wrote into that very same legislation a provision that the cuts would expire in 2010. That means they wrote a bill that said that taxes would increase in 2010. This is not a matter of interpretation."

Currently, I am watching a ball bounce up and down, up and down, up and down. Funny, I can't figure the physics out, because all I see is the ball bouncing up.

Why doesn't this ball eventually end up in space?

Cheers ;-)

Cheers ;-)

Watching you guys chatting

Watching you guys chatting makes me feel sooo guilty whenever I put the xbox controller down to get another beer.

Don't change my words. And

Don't change my words. And stop with the revisionist history.

I said that Republicans wrote legislation in the early 2000's that created tax rate cuts. They also wrote into that very same legislation a provision that the cuts would expire in 2010. That means they wrote a bill that said that taxes would increase in 2010. This is not a matter of interpretation. Spin it however you choose, but the facts don't change. Have you considered a resolution for next year to deal with reality once in a while?

Latest 'deal' looks like those with taxable incomes under $400K won't pay any more assuming Boehner will allow it to come to the floor. Whatever happens, you can go to bed knowing that one way or another, the lower tax rates will be extended to most people. The $2000 is only in nothing gets done. It looks like most of the deal is to kick the can down the road for 2 more months, but the deal on tax rates seems to be coming within hours or days.

If the old troll makes over $400K, I want to be the first to thank him for accepting the law of the land and doing his part to eagerly help out his country in its time of need. We wealthy freeloaders appreciate it.

Regardless of what happens,

Regardless of what happens, everyones taxes will shoot up another $2000. So between a six month loss of merit raise and yearly cost of living increase you'll be making less than last year, owe more and have less to show for it.

"Why did those tax cut bills

"Why did those tax cut bills contain an expiration date in the first place? "

So you really were indeed serious. Rather unbelievable because any conservative reading this (and by default any republican), has to be shaking his head. You are arguing that Republicans want to raise taxes correct? Have I actually got that correct from you? I just want to be sure because as usual, with you I a bit confused.

You do realize, I assume, that you are arguing a point of view that is intuitvely 180 degrees from the accepted mantra of both parties?

What part of the way the

What part of the way the Republicans did the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts do you think was a joke? Other than the planned expiration. I don't know what you call it, but when you plan to eliminate a tax break, doesn't that mean you plan to raise taxes at some point in the future?

Republicans cannot vote for any bill today which results in higher taxes for anyone since they have signed their allegiance over to Grover Norquist rather than to the people of the United States who they are supposed to represent. But just you watch tomorrow how many will be able to switch and vote for a tax cut. What a bunch of hypocrits they are. How can anyone justify swearing allegiance to one individual in this country who has never held an elected position in his life. Un-American at best; impeachable at worst (check out the Constitution if you don't believe that).

Just ask yourself one simple question. Why did those tax cut bills contain an expiration date in the first place? That wsa the Republicans' call, now, wasn't it?

"Thank you Republicans for

"Thank you Republicans for raising our taxes"

Well, even Mr Liberal could not have written this one; even he is not THAT stupid. This is like saying the Dem's hate abortion so much they'd like to eliminate coat hangers.

Unless of course, it's one of those "jokes".

Thank you Republicans for

Thank you Republicans for raising our taxes. For those who don't remember, it was the Republicans that wrote the Bush tax cut laws and made them temporary. It was their bills that planned for a tax increase in 2010 and which was delayed until 2012 thanks to the Democratic controlled Congress and President Obama in late 2010, before Republicans took control of the House.

Pretty unpleasant set of facts for Republicans to be swallowing today. Ironic, isn't it?

The old troll here, but I

The old troll here, but I gotta do a quick hit and run like a coward because I have some pressing issues (end of the year stuff that drags me down) that concern me far more than our fluffball friend.

First of all if that verbose stuff is a comedy act you need some help with it. My interpretation of it (there is that word again......) was that it was just words, not funny at all. How about it guys, wasn't the nonsense stuff I wrote to get under his skin awhile back, much, much funnier? Go back and read it, I thought they were pretty clever. Asking for an edjumication salary is just not funny.......sorry.

And as for Vicodin, my point was that we all (thats right libs and conserv's) are both guilty of drug abuses. The Dr.'s give Vicodin in huge lots, because I think they know a lot of us love the stuff,and as long as we get something to take our worries away we are happy and don't come back to complain. Everytime I have had some little thing done like a wisdom tooth removal they gave me a prescription! Hell, if we cannot stomach thhe pain of a tooth removal after the fact, we are wimps. Certainly I would never be able to have it done w/o the Lidocain but once it is out, the pain almost feels good. Besides pain in tolerable amounts is good for you; it is telling you what is wrong with your body.

Are you trying to tell me

Are you trying to tell me that you took my VA thing seriously? Was my attempty at humour that oblique?

I was simply trying to tell the angry old troll coward that I would no longer attempt to enlighten him without being paid for my efforts. It would be far more productive for me to try to educate my old pet rock. (btw; the VA does not cover pet rock benefits).

"I have already checked with

"I have already checked with the vA and, assuming that you are as patriotic as you claim, and assuming that you volunteered to defend your country during the Viet-Nam war (certainly both reasonable assumptions based on everything you have posted here), I am pleased to inform you that your veterans benefits cover your post-military education."

To jump in on this conversation, the above statement is not at all correct. Being a veteran 1966-1970, I took advantage of my VA Educational benefits. What one got was a check every month for "$X/month" Depending on the cost of your college tuition, this MIGHT have covered tuition. But tuition is only part of the equation. One has food/lodging/etcetera to pick up. Yes the check was helpful, but no wheres close to coving all of your living expenses.


Actually, calling our

Actually, calling our differences a matter of interpretation is just more evidence of your cowardice and the thinness of your arguments. You are like the person who watches a football game in which one team dominates on the field, but loses on the scoreboard. Most people will say that the team with the higher score won. You would say that the team with the lower score, but who outplayed the other on the field won and then claim it is a matter of interpretation.

You are far too weak to answer any of my questions or to actually defend your positions or reasoning (I'm being kind here). When cornered, rather than admit a mistake, you call it interpretation. I wonder if you told your first grade that when you wrote on a test that 2+2=5 it was just a matter of interpretation.

I ask a simple question: Should an elected official of any party vote his or principles over the wishes of his or her constituency and you can't even answer that one. You go off on some wild irrelevant story about vicodin. (At least you could have condemned a doctor for prescribing a large quantity of vicodin for something that an aspirin would cure for either unnecessarily increasing the overalll cost of health (which affects your wallet and mine) at best, or malpractice, at worse. I'm sure that if you perceived that your doctor was a liberal, you would have added a few of your insipid remarks.

So the bottom line is that it is not a matter of interpretation. This is now about you, as you have always wanted it to be. And the truth is that all you want to do here is rant and rave. You seem incapable of handling an adult conversation. All you do is sit in your miserable little world and make assumptions about me and my views without even reading what I write. You assume I am a liberal and that is only one kind of person to the left of you and they are all carbon copy liberals; you assume I am quite young; you assume that because Eisenhower was once a 5-star general that he was forever a militarist.

Since your one year of gratis education is ending, I must insist that you pay for any further enlightenment. I have already checked with the vA and, assuming that you are as patriotic as you claim, and assuming that you volunteered to defend your country during the Viet-Nam war (certainly both reasonable assumptions based on everything you have posted here), I am pleased to inform you that your veterans benefits cover your post-military education. You may either pay me directly and get reimbursed by the VA or arrange for direct payment by the VA simply by filling out the appropriate forms which should take less than 2 hours. I am tired of your freeloading for a free eduction, in particular since you are obviously failing this course. (Keep in mind that you have to pay for a college education whether you pass or fail a given course). Failure to arrange for payment for your education will result in a termination of your benefits.

(I doubt you will get the above humor ... you are obviously suffering from OFHD).

To paraphrase Clement Clarke Moore: An Happy New Years to all, but to you a good night!!

It may be interpretation, as

It may be interpretation, as you say. You choose to read the Eisenhower speech in a way that puts you into a tiny minority. Virtually everyone else who either heard or analyzed his speech reach a different conclusion that you do. That is your problem, not mine.

Once again, you won't answer a simple, non-partisan question. My interpretation of your refusal is that you are a coward. Worse yet, you constantly make erroneous assumptions about me. Your latest one was to assume that in 2005 I was blindly and happily on the real-estate gravy train. Wrong, wrong wrong. In 2005, I was one of the very few who saw the bubble coming and knew the train was running away beyond control. You can speculate all you want about me, but I know the truth, and you don't Of course, you never let the truth interfere with your 'realilty'. You do, once in a while, supply a good hard belly laugh. Imagine ... a conservative talking about vicodin, and yet omitted that your darling Rush Limbaugh is or was a vicodin abuser and addict. I just loved that one.

Your time is running out, coward. The year is almost done. You will be paying more taxes in a couple of days no matter what Congress decides to do. And, as far as I am concerned, you can spend next year and the rest of your life in anger and bitterness over things you simply do not understand. I have no use for a bitter old cowardly troll. It is nice to know that, in this case, I am in the vast majority of the American people.

Well, my view is always a bit

Well, my view is always a bit different from yours, so I find it pointless to argue facts and numbers because you come up with the exact opposite conclusions (interpretations?) when we are both reading and analyzing the same stuff. I did spend the time to read and decipher one of your very specific points and I came away with very, very different takes on what's the point? I am referring to the Eisenhower speech. Your whole focus was that the speech backed up yuor position so strongly that you dared me to read it. I did, and it completely backed up the position that Ike was indeed very, very pro military. The warning about spending too excessively on the nuclear race so that it hurt the American economy not withstanding.

For me, you are much like the people in 2005 who said RE would go up until the aver. home price in the US would eventually near a million dollars in a decade or so. When quizzed they said incomes would gradually increase to offset these price gains so that the increase would not hurt families buying power. These were all Harvard, Yale types (business/ economic degreed) who were considered the brightest visionaries on the future of real estate.
Just like you, they talked a good game and had all the facts and figures, but came up with least in my opinion at that time. And why did I not see it their way? I simply "knew" that salaries in general would be headed down or stay flat at best and be that way for decades. Why? Because as a business owner I saw what was happening to all the jobs being lost. They were going overseas to cheaper third world countries. Lower future salaries could only forecast flat or declining RE prices. So I sold real estate in 2005 because I wanted to be selling before the market slowed down, not just after the slowing started. Well prices held for a nearly a year till 2006 before rapidly going down for the next 5 years. I won't say that I saw the credit default swaps breaking the industry, but I did get thecall on the fall in housing prices pretty accurately, and it saved me the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars. And salaries indeed are moving lower or staying flat in terms of buying power. This is something I have observed many, many times in my life. That facts and figures interpreted incorrectly (or independantly of some other important influences), can be construed to "lie" to the analysis. I know full well you do not accept this interpretation (there's that word again) of analysis, but a life full of stuggling to make sense of the senseless has steered me clear of a lot of "expert opinions".

Hell, I even find a lot of what doctors/physicians recommending as pure hogwash. I've been prescribed as many as 50 Vicodin pills for simple oral surgery; never took them. Turned out a few aspirin and a bit of discomfort was all that I experienced. I just think a lot of people in today's world have lost the initiative to think on their own and make their own prudent decisions. You can save a lot of money and headache if you do so.

OK. As I suspected you just

OK. As I suspected you just need to rant on. You talk about the young people expecting things. Seems to me that it was your generation that taught them that; it was your generation that created so much of what you seem to despise. You also seem to somehow divorce liberals from the majority of people who elected them. You divorce liberal policies and programs from the large number of Americans who elected them to enact such policies and programs.

It is very sad to see that you really haven't a clue as to what democracy is all about. I would suggest that people like you who cannot accept the the will of the majority are a far greater threat to our freedoms and liberty than any liberal and, probably, most socialists in the United States.

I'm sure you will have something ignorant to say about that.

What's the matter? Are you scared to answer my question from before? Are you just trying to think up some absurd or irrelevant scenario to support your position. In some ways you remind me of the guerilla tactics used against America during Viet-Nam and in many ways, by terrorists. You like to take pot shots from behind trees, make a fast attack and then disappear. You simply can't face a direct question or issue. It's sad that so many old people seem to have forgotten to stand up like men and go mano-a-mano. Maybe it's part of that testosterone decrease thing. You have yet to answer a single direct simple question put to you. I guess I will have to add the word 'wimp' to the old troll label I have given you (I think it's far more descriptive than 'Boo-ick man').

I have to qualify the "union"

I have to qualify the "union" quote. What I meant was that eventually costly labor unions price themselves out of the market and unless the job is one that cannot be relocated offshore, they willforce the company to stop doing business in the USA.

Maybe once again I am coming

Maybe once again I am coming on too strong. But I really feel like I am out here trying to get young folk to realize that good old fashioned common sense and wise interpretation will carry you a very long way. I say this because in my life I have been very, very surprized at how so many "smart" young people have got somuch wrong in so many facets of American life. Too many times I have heard that; the New Economy has changed all the old rules; that highly leveraged business and personal fimances are OK if you know what you are doing; following a finacial advisors diversification of mutual funds will get you a secure retirement; that union work will always give you a secure job, that the government owes you the best education; that the government should pay for all of my health care costs; that the rich pay no taxes; that the company you worked for all those years owes you job security; that gold is the only secure money; that real estate will never lose value; that wages in the USA should allow for a livable, secure living no matter what third world labor costs are; etc. etc.

I personally do not believe any of the above is true in is basic form. Yet years of the media and liberal politics have played havoc with these beliefs in young folk. I believe that young people will be much better prepared for life if they did not have any of these beliefs in their DNA. That is why I rant here and also to my young ones, so do not feel you are alone in fielding my rath. I just need to vent once in awhile.

Once again, one-sided,

Once again, one-sided, selected data, wrong, and boring. Let me try to educate you a bit old troll.

1. Obama left town only Boehner shut down the House after to failing to get his own fractured party to go along with his Plan B.

2. Obama came back when Boehner announced that his vacation was over and he was coming back.

3. Boehner won't even convene the House until Sunday evening leaving only 30 hours to deal with the issue of the day.

Somehow, you managed to overlook all of that since it didn't support your agenda of Obama is bad no matter what he does.

You don't understand how the government works either, do you. When it comes to money legislation, it must originate in the House. Then it has to be passed by the Senate. It is only then that a President gets involve by either signing or vetoing legislation. Show me 'brokering a deal' as a responsibility for the President in the Constitution. Presidents may only propose things; it is Congress that must act and work out their own deals internally. So it is the job of the Speaker of the House to initiate the legislative proces, not the President's.

Boehner is approaching this from the point of view of getting some Democrats to go along with a basically Republlican plan. Both you and he seem to forget the following:

Obama won the election.

The Democrats picked up seats in the Senate and as recently as 6 months before the election there were prediction of Republicans taking over a majority there.

More Americans voted for Democratic candidates for the House than voted for Republicans. The only reason Republicans have control of the House is gerrymandering, which, to me, as an advocate of democracy, is just wrong no matter who does it. It violates the basic concept of one man, one vote (the principle, by the way, that SCOTUS used in Bush v. Gore).

Seems to me that Boehner should be working with Democrats to find enough adjustments to the Democratic plan to pick up 30 or so Republicans in the House.

That brings me to the central question of the day:

Imagine that you are elected to represent the people. You have you own set of ideas and principles, and, to a large extent, the people support your ideas and that is why you got elected. However, on a particular issue, the people do not support your position. What do you do? Do you represent your constituency and vote the way they want, or do you say that you know better and you know what's good for the people better than they do and you vote your principles.

It would really be nice if you could simply answer that question without a long diatribe or diversion into some other topic. It is a purely philosophical question and is independent of any specific issue or party or point of view. It goes to the heart of your views on purely representative government vs. the necessity to sometimes lead the blind. So put your politics aside and just think for a few minutes, and just answer the question without using the words Democrat, Republican, liberal, Obama, Boehner, Pelosi, Reid, etc.

Mr. Phelps .... After you have completed your latest assignment, the Secretary will review your application for a promotion. Please answer the question, before you continue on to self destruct. Good luck, Jim. (Did you know that Mr. Graves was Marshall Dillon's brother?)

Well son, I too can Google

Well son, I too can Google almost any argument that will fit my agenda, just like you. Once again, it's not all the data, theories and history that is the most important, but the interpretation.

Just look up the buy or sell opinions for any major stock that you may want, and you will find a hundred qualified/educated/experienced financial advisors or economists on either side (buy or sell) proclaiming that they each knows best. But we all know that for most stocks there is only one correct answer, so approx. half the guys will be wrong, unless the stock simply moves sideways.

So why crow about how you know someone (from Google) that can tell you for sure about the effects of taxation on the economy? It is no different than if an "expert" tells you it is the correct thing to buy Apple shares currently. None of us will know for sure untill you decide to sell the stock at a gain or loss. And by the simple law of averages you will be wrong a good proportion of the time if you simply base your decisions on others opinions. Thats just been my life experience, so go ahead and crow all you want, I'll believe differently and only time will settle as to whom was right. The effects of tax rates on the national economy is just not simply a right or wrong answer. I know that is what you want but it is just not that simple.

Even doing the exact same tax policies at different times will have different outcomes from both the negative and positive angles. When it is a booming economy, the exact policies will have a very different effect if the economy is in or near a recession phase. So just because you have a favorite Google pal, means donuts to me.

Once again, interpretation, interpretation.

Sorry, no sale. You don't

Sorry, no sale. You don't understand how our government is supposed to work and you don't understand some of the basic principles of democracy. And you have clearly demonstrated your unwillingness to learn anything, in particular, when it clashes with your preconceived theories.

The good news is that I finally had a conservative explain the relationship between tax rates and hiring or firing. I understand the argument now, but I still don't fully buy it. That still puts me one step ahead since, at least now, I know someone who can do more than make assertions. If you are a good boy, I will pass it on to you so that at least you can back up your theories with some practical examples. If nothing else, at least you won't sound so hollow when you promote your opinion.

"Republicans on vacation" For

"Republicans on vacation"

For your info, Obama just stepped off the jet a day or so ago from a Hawaiian vacation. I dodn't even think he wanted to go, it was an orchestrated effort to show that he had no intention of negotiating down his offer to the House.

No, I have no data or written docs to support this, just another wild, off the far right end kind of comment I have been accused of, I guess.

2012 and nothing "BIG" panned

2012 and nothing "BIG" panned out as far as layoffs -- looks like nothing but false rumors on this page. No one really has an inside track.


The verb 'to retard' means

The verb 'to retard' means the exact opposite of 'to advance'. If some not-so-smart teens only know that word from the context of being mentally underdeveloped that isn't really a concern to aerospace engineers.

Real estate market looking

Real estate market looking up.
Unemployment claims down.

Republicans on vacation. Maybe Boehner is trying to figure out how to control his gang of Tea Party people. Who knows? He couldn't even muster enough of his own people to bring his so-called Plan B to the floor for a vote. Whatever he's doing, it sure isn't selling well with the Americn people if one can believe the polls (you know, the same kind of polling that we had before the election and that Republicans didn't believe).

Is this the start of a dictatorship of the minority?

Wow. You just blew me away.

Wow. You just blew me away.

I. "A vital element in

I. "A vital element in keeping the peace is our military establishment. Our arms must be mighty, ready for instant action, so that no potential aggressor may be tempted to risk his own destruction. "

This is the single most important line of the speech in terms of Ike's attitude towards the USA's military might. I can see no other conclusion than Ike was very, very, very pro military............nothing to challenge the thought that Ike still functioned like a 5 star general. You see, we just interpret different things from the same words/ data/ numbers that we are looking at.

II. "American makers of plowshares could, with time and as required, make swords as well. But now we can no longer risk emergency improvisation of national defense; we have been compelled to create a permanent armaments industry of vast proportions. "

..........we have been compelled to create a permanent armaments industry............; this line is telling you directly, how he supports a vast military build up. So you interpret this as saying he despises the huge effort in the armament build up? Once again I interpret this far differently.

III. Boy it was wonderful to read this speech, and I must thank you for getting me to read it, as it further confirms how a former 5 Star General and President of the United States really was truly conservative in his basic beliefs and not just a conservative by virtue of his Republican affiliation. The following quote should be read and UNDERSTOOD by Obama ( precious resources can be fully applied to monetary benefits) ;

"As we peer into society's future, we -- you and I, and our government -- must avoid the impulse to live only for today, plundering, for our own ease and convenience, the precious resources of tomorrow. We cannot mortgage the material assets of our grandchildren without risking the loss also of their political and spiritual heritage."

As far as the threat the much greater military effort had become, he was in the midst of the "Cold War", and everyone had no idea where the nuclear age was taking us. The USSR and the USA were both in a frantic rush to out do the other in order to maintain the mutually destructive capability, that everyon at that time felt was the only way peace could be maintained. So Ike was fearing the geometric expansion of military budget that would eventually disrupt the USA economy.............precisely what happened to the USSR in the 1090's...............they went broke trying to stay ahead of Reagan and his "Star Wars" defense. Never mind the stuff never worked (Reagan knew this), the fact was the Russians believed it did and went bankrupt trying to keep up. Ike wasnot against a massive military, he was afraid of the military bankrupting the USA if we were not careful. He was simply urging caution for the future administrations. Turned out he was right, but for the wrong was the Russians that allowed its military to break the USSR, by going bankrupt.

You might want to look at

You might want to look at this link:

This wasn't a trivial speech. It was Ike's farewell speech after spending 8 years as leader of the free world and after roughly 3 years as Supreme Allied Commander in Europe.

(Just erased a more detailed explanation. Why clutter your brain with more information).

Let me know what you think of Ike's speech if you have the patience to go through it. Just read what it says and don't try to tell us that his words what you want them to mean. They pretty much speak for themselves. Ike wasn't eloquent, but he was straightforward and very down to earth.

I choose not to bring myself

I choose not to bring myself down to your grade school level of name calling, so you're right there, although just reienforcing your image of immaturity despite your age (can you say 'regression', boys and girls?). You just make assumptions without out having a clue about the facts that back up my statement. As usual, anything that clashes with your preconceived ideas, is automatically rejected. You refuse to listen to others and you close your mind to the possibility of facts that just might alter your thinking. Basically, you simply don't want to grow or mature. So what is the point of discussing issues with you or anything else for that matter?

Well, Ill say this because

Well, Ill say this because this is what you have used many times; When you have no answer the name calling starts.

Ike was 100% behind the military and all the WWII effort he was lamenting in that quote of yours. It's just that the observation of the effects of war can wear on anybody. But that does not mean you shelve the efforts; war is an ugly endeavor. Do you think that Truman didn't have remorse for killing 100,000+ people w/ just two A bombs? Of course he did, but did he regret his decision? Not a chance in hell.

Never mind. You are simply

Never mind. You are simply not worth the effort. I'll just go back to watching the Tea Party and their Republican subordinates take this country down by not dealing with reality. I guess that's why you like them so much; they are just like you in that respect.

Are you aware that Ike was a

Are you aware that Ike was a five star general? So you will have us believe that a career 5 star general (there have been very few of these) would not be 100% behind the military machine that is the USA armed forces? So who has the third grade edjumication?

When you have no knowledge

When you have no knowledge you can make any assertion you want. Once again, you are completely wrong about Ike and probably never heard of his warning to the nation about the military-industrial complex .. a phrase that, I believe, he invented.

You may head a compay, and you may drive a Buick, but your hisotrical and political knowledge seems limited to a sixth grade education.

Oops; rather we like it or

rather we like it or not

should have been "whether"

"Every gun that is made,

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron." -- April 16, 1953

I'm the Buick guy and to the liberal fella, this is my first post since before X-Mas so you are puffing about some other guys who are posting.

Yes all of the above is fine from Ike, but if you asked him he would say a strong military is still very necessary. When you have countries like Germany and Japan in the 1930's getting all worked up with crazy leaders, the USA still has to be the policeman of the world, rather we like it or not. Today its the Muslimm terrorists, but there will always be bad guys leading countries. Germany gets most of the blaime in WWII but the Japanese were just as cruel. They just did not have an ethnic cleansing solution, but they were just as cruel, and needed to be stopped. Ike was firsthand at seeing what these two countries had done and his quote, if you are using it to mitigate his feelings about the war effort, are taken out of context. He was as much a hawk as any military commander during this war. Its just that so much effort, energy and lives were wasted getting these two out of control countries defeated that he was mournful of the tragety of it all. But all of it was indeed necessary, and he was 100% OK with it.

I have a memory foam mattress

I have a memory foam mattress and love it. I don't think its very hot, butasddasdse had it for about a year. One thing you might not know is that when they are advertised, it may say something like temperature controlled. Ect. That just means that the spot you have been laying in gets really soft and comfy. The rest of the mattress will feet a lot harder and harder to the touch. Hope that helped and made sense!!!

I see the lunatic fringe is

I see the lunatic fringe is all ready for 2013.



...and learn Chinese.

...and learn Chinese.

Sit down, relax, have a nice

Sit down, relax, have a nice warm Brandy by the fire. Smell the pine from the tree, eat a freshly baked scone with ice cream. Feel the warmth from the fireplace, watch the children play with their new toys.
Democrats, Republicans, Liberals...does it matter.
We went over the fiscal cliff quite some time ago. We have been in free fall for years.
I suggest you watch your money and keep a major portion in precious metals, some cash and 4-year supply of canned food in the basement. Just long enough for a new administration to take over :)

Happy Holidays

Here we go again. So much

Here we go again. So much for the Christmas truce. The hostilities have returned. May I suggest a few New Year's resolutions to deal with some of your anger management issues and your uncanny way of blaming 100 % of every problem on Obama or liberals?

So what's Romney doing these

So what's Romney doing these days?
Probably just chilling back, having a beer and watching Obama toss us over the cliff.

Like Vulcans? Thank you

Like Vulcans? Thank you Sheldon Cooper

So true and a sad testament

So true and a sad testament to humankind. We may not deserve to continue as a species. Perhaps we can evolve to something better.

A message of peace from our

A message of peace from our 34th President, Dwight D. Eisehhower:

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron." -- April 16, 1953

A special thank you to Mr. Roger Waters for having brought this quote to my attention.

Is 'stupid thinking' an

Is 'stupid thinking' an oxymoron?

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