Violation of IP forces Affy's hand: Lawsuit filed against Tobno Biosciences

Word on the street is that the license violatioons enraged the head of Affy

One thing about those guys, they respect intellectual prooperty
Goood luck to the allegedly bald rapist nutjob

We believe da women!

We believe da women!

North Korea DPRK commission's

North Korea DPRK commission's spokesman - "the U.S., a fatuous and lazy country, started disturbing the DPRK, not knowing shame like spoiled children playing kill the pig at ritualized dismemberment festivals across USA"

Not for nuthin that 6 sexual

Not for nuthin that 6 sexual harrassment lawsuits were filed.
Welcome to America, greasy scumbag.

What do you expect from Rape

What do you expect from Rape Culture USA? Korea is the only place they can hide when they decide to run.

Founded by industry

Founded by industry professionals who manage to stay one step ahead of the law, Tobho is taking the market from established players. There's a bounty on successful, disruptive technologies. Tobho translates to "Innovation" in the very same north korean dialects used by the principals invovvled. Kudos to North Korean terror cells for making Tobo a success.



As long as they spell our

As long as they spell our name right, I'm loving it....

Jealous much

Jealous much

Is this the company with

Is this the company with "ahem" ethical problems?

Give the baby his bottle or

Give the baby his bottle or he'll cry!!!

Sounds like you folks need to

Sounds like you folks need to stop reading the enquirer and move on with life. Tobnos does everything with excellence and integrity.
Haters: Stop the hate and appreciate what this business is doing for the community - saving lives and helping folks supplement their income.

Boo-hoo! Somebody took

Boo-hoo! Somebody took baldy's baby doll and made him cry!

Waaaah. Give the D-Fly baby back his dolly!
Waah!! Give the baby back his dolly!!

I've had my eye on that

I've had my eye on that little operation and I'm willing to bet that within 3 years the unpopular CEO can turn around the dismal morale, alienating management, and embarrassing marketing.

Getting back to fundamentals, if he just brings his A Game, anything could hapen in the last inning.

If A-Rod-Dragon-Bo can focus on customer satisfaction, he just might hit a home run for shareholders. Great summertimie entertainment for the entire family of alleged rapist and victims.
Makes a great story.

Baldy hires people to spam

Baldy hires people to spam this thread?

Youu can't put someone in

Youu can't put someone in jail just based on hear-saye.
You gotta have video of a perpetrator with his pants down actually violating an orifice, and even then, juries are reluctant to follow the path to justice. It's cultural and reflects the diversity of our times.

TRN doesn't spam, he has

TRN doesn't spam, he has people for that.

Todd is spamming the

Todd is spamming the thread.

"What started as promising entertainment has turned into people selling stuff. "

By utilizing The 5 Skills

By utilizing The 5 Skills while selling cookies, girls earn the Cookie Activity Pin at left. Badges are a further opportunity for girls to hone their skills and gain an understanding of the world of business.
See the requirements for earning the Cookie Activity Pin.

For other badges Girl Scouts earn outside of the cookie program, see the Badge Finder.

What started as promising

What started as promising entertainment has turned into people selling stuff. I just wonder if the McAb company also uses KHO (from Korean rodents) just to tie this all together. Otherwise, most of this seems bordering on the psychotic.

Time to shut this one down or leave it to those who deserve one another.

Bio X Cell is a biotechnology

Bio X Cell is a biotechnology company that manufactures high quality, bulk quantity (milligram to gram) monoclonal antibodies for biomedical research. All of our antibodies are of high purity and low endotoxin levels, well suited for in-vivo preclinical studies. Bio X Cell custom produces recombinant proteins using state of the art fermentation and purification technology. Bio X Cell has expressed recombinant proteins in all major expression systems including: CHO, NSO, 293, insect cells, E. coli, and yeast.

A historically important

A historically important site, Kim II Sung and Kim Jong-il made many visits, the Chollima Steelworks is an impressive complex with wide boulevards, rail infrastructure, grand propaganda murals, and imposing buildings. Being amongst the first western visitors, instead of the ubiquitous local guide, we were greeted by a large group of officials and representatives of the steelworks who shuttled around the complex in large black luxury sedans. Of course they showed us the local museum dedicated to the visits and on the spot guidance of Kim Il sung and Kim Jong-il, but the highlight of our tour was our access into the steelworks itself with a close up inspection of a functioning electric arc furnace on the production floor.

This visit to the Chollima Steelworks was part of the new Heavy Metal Tour add-on package offered by Koryo Tours. Also included in this tour was our visits to the Nampo glass factory and the Hamhung fertilizer plant. We had unrestricted photography access to each site, other groups had their visits restricted to a bus ride through the parking lot with no photos allowed. These groups had shadowed us at times and were continuously in trouble with their guides for breaking photography regulations – for the best access it pays to follow the rules set by your guide!

Best Vacation Ever!!

In a lengthy May 2 dispatch

In a lengthy May 2 dispatch released only in Korean, Pyongyang's Korean Central News Agency published comments from a factory worker who said Obama has the "shape of a monkey" and other cogent observations.

"It would be better for him to live with other monkeys at a wild animal park in Africa ... and licking bread crumbs thrown by onlookers," worker Kang Hyok at Chollima Steel Complex was quoted as saying.

Give the baby his bottle or

Give the baby his bottle or he'll cry!!!
Boo-hoo little dragon-baby. Wahhhhh.

Let's face facts. The last

Let's face facts.
The last time this Aryan Skinhead hired a qualified and competitive Darkie, was.....never.
So much for Equal Orpportunity Laws.

Wake up.
Look around.

IP infringement? sniff

IP infringement?
sniff sniff
smells like Todd

Haven't you ever heard of

Haven't you ever heard of multi-tasking?

On the other hand, this thread seemed to have so much potential and now seems more appropriate for the AMA (that's the American Manure Association, not the American Medical Association, even though there are many people who think the two organizations are one and the same).

We want dirt.
We want slime.
We want nasty posts.
We want more insults.

C'mon all you Affy-ites. Time to get down and do some serious mud slinging. It's a win-win situation: We get entertained and you do the catharsis thing.

Please stop pooping and tell

Please stop pooping and tell us more about Tonbo's IP infringement.

Me Tarzan. Me poop.

Me Tarzan.

Me poop.

I, Claudius. I, Poop.

I, Claudius.

I, Poop.

Me Tarzan. You Jane.

Me Tarzan. You Jane.

I, Claudius.

I, Claudius.

I poop.

I poop.

Don't encourage the right

Don't encourage the right wing extremist troll. You will only get more of his psycho-babble.



The Affordable Care Act is

The Affordable Care Act is expected to bankrupt the US economy by Q3 of 2017. Nostradamus predicted this.

What does this have to do

What does this have to do with Obama annexing the USA into a Soviet Republic for his best buddy Putin?

Affy is still in business?

Affy is still in business?

Ooooooooooo .. I have to

Ooooooooooo .. I have to follow this one. This one looks like it could get juicy and increase the overall entertainment value of Biofind.

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