What's going on at Thermofisher?

Pretty cool so far.

"I poop" Wonderful. Do you

"I poop"

Wonderful. Do you wipe too or does your mother do it for you?

Synergies will cut in and

Synergies will cut in and more people will leave. Corporations covet other corporations’ success, acquire them and immediately proceed to dismantle everything; summarily destroying the very elements that made the acquired company so successful in the first place.

The few remaining acquired employees know exactly why everything went to hell in a hand basket, but nobody listens to them. The new middle management scratch their heads with one hand and cover their asses with the other, wondering why “their way” wasn’t better and what they can cut back, spin or sell to eke out a profitable quarter and keep from getting canned. Meanwhile, executive leadership spins the whole scenario into a grand success story, from which they receive grand bonuses and promotions.

Nevertheless, don’t blame TMO for LIFE's downfall. LIFE would have never been sold, had it not been for some executives who were holding millions in stock and expiring options that needed to be exercised. LIFE was sold down the river by the old guard. They bailed and left you holding the bag. They are enjoying golf-filled days of cushy retirement and independent wealth, while you work harder and harder for less and less.

And that, too, happens all the time.

I poop

I poop

Wait until those $85M in

Wait until those $85M in synergies cuts begin…won't be cool then.

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